Lifecentre, back at last

Back to Philippa at TLC for the first time since December, a chance to test the effects of the shoulder injections in a quiet Shala. Only 3 of us to begin with, so help from the start after P asked if it was ok to adjust me. After she assisted Prasarita C I think she knew it was safe to proceed.

The Lifecentre

The arm/shoulder does seem to have more range of pain free movement than it had pre needle and P’s great assists got me further in quite a few postures without any pain, though some were quite intense, but I know to go with it, the only pose I had to bail out of the assist was when she tried to bind my hands in Supta K. She had already produced the miracle of managing to bind me in both sides of Mari C and D, at least i know its possible again with help, hopefully it wont be too long before i can do it again on my own. The arm just needed to be taken there, it can’t get far enough round the knee of its own, but being assisted, it was fine. My unorthodox exit from Bhuja gave her a laugh, she was assisting next door, so I was extricating myself one arm at a time! I had warned her its gets iffy after Navasana!

I know its a challenging one, some teachers, naming no names, have a habit of knocking you over when assisting Pasasana, but P supports to keep a stable squat position before taking the arms round and woo hoo bound both sides, ok the first side my fingers were hanging on for dear life, but at least they can pull in to the grip, once a couple of fingers get together I can stay there.


I had to use a Bolster to get in to a kind of Urdva Dhanurasana, my hand can get the position by my ear, but as soon as I try to push up, which I can’t, the hand lifts, P advised the Gomukhasana exercise and doing Ustrasana to open the upper back. It’s good to get other ideas of ways to progress, different teachers see different things. She advised Chaturanga on my knees to keep the pressure out of the shoulder and don’t worry about Sirsasana.

It was great to be back at TLC with Phillipa, I’ve missed going there, although there is a rumour the Saturday class may be for the chop, I hope not, it’s so good getting advice and adjustment in that environment where the teacher has more time, while my recovery still has a way to go. The injections do seem to have increased the range of motion before it hurts, both self powered and assisted, so there’s hopefully some light at the end of a still long tunnel.


3 Responses to “Lifecentre, back at last”

  1. V Says:

    The pasasana assist is rather difficult, be kind.

  2. susiegb Says:

    Great to hear of steady progress! (Unlike me where it seems to be 2 steps forward, 1.5 steps back!!)

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