Mari D is back

Another weekend of double Shala practices, mainly because TLC are going to cancel Saturday mysore from mid October, Boo hiss, so i need to use up my class pass before they do, I had planned to use the pass in November when there are two Sunday Moon days. So Saturday at TLC with Phillipa, no bad thing getting more assistance at this stage, as my arm starts to find more range of motion, even if it still only has the strength of a match stick.

Standing is pretty much back now, though nobody has yet taken my hands to the floor in PPC. the flow is back, no thinking about where to put my arm, it still needs adjusting in Trikonasana and Parsvakonasana etc, but at least it can be taken there, even if it still lacks the power and control to go on its own.

Little break throughs or is that break backs are happening in seated, I can semi jump back and forward now, which helps the flow after months of stepping. Phillipa bound Mari D for me again, once I’m in it it’s comfortable. Then another accidental breakthrough as she lifted my crossed feet in Supta Kurmasana and I found myself in a two second Titibhasana. My body is starting to do things automatically again. An assisted bound Pasasana, strangely my arm is finding that easier than going round the knee in Mari D. Closing backbends are still a mash up, but I added in Ustrasana and got a great assist to open the upper back, before UD with a bolster and wall drop backs. Consistency is coming.

Sunshine Savasana

Sunday a near 2 hour tortuous bus ride, I read a chapter of the BG on the way, that’s my 1% theory for the day and finally arrived at AYL for the 99% practice part. Glad Louise seems to have the heating cranked up on a cold morning, to the point that I actually saw steam rising off me! Lots of help in standing, it’s gentle but very effective pressure, moving my hip in Trikonasana and Parsvakonasana and love the way she seemed to release my upper back before stretching my arms in PPC.

Seated provided two surprises, the first side of Mari D I got my arm round and was searching for my fingers before it all fell apart as my arm slipped off my knee, I thought assistance may come, but realised they were otherwise engaged, so abandon or try again? I tried again and after a lot of wriggling and for the first time in 9 months a couple of my left fingers got to grips with a couple of my right fingers and I was bound in Mari D, on my own, unassisted 🙂

Surprise number two came in Supta K, back to my copyright entry method of forward bending to get my shoulders under my thighs before lowering down, feet crossed, arms much further round, fingers tantalisingly touching, thankfully someone joined them up, thanks whoever that was and I was bound fully and staying there in Supta K, I was tempted just to stay there and call it a day. That’s the benefit of getting help two days running, on day two things start to happen, the body remembers and in that heat it feels safe to stretch the extra millimetres needed to join the dots.

After my bit of second I noticed a couple of the brick shape blocks in the cupboard, so I was able to do some block assisted Urdva Dhanurasanas, doing UD off the floor still feels completely impossible. Standing backbends are really coming along, no idea what they look like from the outside, but they feel controlled and deep and the temptation to plop down to the floor is becoming irresistible, though so far I’ve resisted the temptation, but it feels like I’m going to be able to drop back before I can do a UD off the floor.

A super, hot, sweaty practice. Every Sunday is better than the last.

A week of therapy coming up, Fracture Clinic on Monday to hear the results of the Ultrasound scans and injections, ie do they still need to do the keyhole procedure. Followed by the massage therapist on Tuesday and the Physiotherapist on Thursday, good job most of that is on the NHS as finding a job isn’t progressing anywhere near as well as my practice.


One Response to “Mari D is back”

  1. Savannah Says:

    Consistency in practice – no matter where you are on the journey – is a gift. I’m so happy for you. And no small feat binding in Mari D alone! Yay! The BG is on our reading list for 500-hour TT so I’m waiting til then to dig in. How is it?

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