Ganesh and Anchors

The bi monthly trip to Fracture Clinic provided another nugget of information. After testing how much the arms range of motion has improved compared to before, its improved by around 30 degrees after the injections, the Doctor showed me the ultrasound scan and the internal stitches. But these stitches or sutures are actually meant to stay there and not dissolve as they are “anchor stitches”. These are the stitches that rejoined my Subscapularis muscle to my Humerus bone and its a clever piece of surgery. There is something like a screw or DIY raw plug that is inserted or screwed in to the bone, that has an eyelet on the top, through which the permanent suture runs before being sewn in to the muscle, thus “anchoring” the muscle to the bone. This lets the muscle start to rejoin the bone on its own, eventually as now allowing the arm to move outwards and do moves like UHP.


Not sure which type I have.

So the internal sutures stay. Although there has been improvement it’s still nowhere near where it should be, so they want to continue with the physiotherapy and massage for another 3 months, at which point they hope normality may have returned, if not then it could be more injections or the nuclear option of arthroscopic surgery to free the shoulder joint.

The Doctor was from India and remarked on the little Ganesh I have on my pendant, he said if Ganesh doesn’t clear the obstacle in my shoulder the arthroscopic surgery certainly will, just hope Ganesh gets his act together soon, as the next Clinic appointment in December will be exactly one year from the first one!


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