Grinding Acromion

Luckily I had an appointment with the massage therapist the day after being pushed and pulled around at Fracture Clinic. My shoulder needed it and there was the little matter of the sciatic thing starting to annoy me again. After she had pummelled my shoulder she took about 5 seconds to find the lump in my backside, owwww, she told me it was located deep in the Gluteus Minimus muscle, not the Piriformis and this lumpy knot was pressing down on the sciatic nerve, to prove the point she pressed hard and I could feel it go the whole way down the back of my leg. I think it was a case of getting it attended to just in time, even if it did mean 20 minutes of very uncomfortable frictioning, kneeding and thumbs and elbows pressing in to the lump to break it up, but a day later and it’s feels a lot better.


She then checked the other side where I thought there wasn’t a problem, I hadn’t experienced any discomfort, but that side apparently does have the same little lump, but nowhere near to the same extent, but I need to keep a watch on it. I just need to work out what it is I’m doing that makes the knot(s) start to build.

Therapy part 3 this week was the physiotherapist, she’s pleased with progress, but as she says its still not right and the Doctors are right to consider more injections or the arthroscopic clear out. The shoulder has little control in its movement and even though the range of motion has improved, there is no muscle, which is why I can now stand a teacher moving my arm to where it needs to go though I can’t move it there myself. She examined the clonk which turns out to be where the Acromion and Clavicle meet, the clavicle moves slightly under the Acromion and then moves back in line, she says they may address this if they do the arthroscopic surgery.

Grinding Acromion

She said my Deltoid muscle is virtually non existent, probably why I still can’t push up in to UD, so she had me try a new exercise which looked very easy, I say looked as I failed abysmally with her 1/2kg weight! I have to lay on my good right side, the left elbow tucked in to my side while trying to hold the weight and move my left arm upwards while keeping the elbow tucked in and trying to keep the shoulder in a good position, ie not coming forward. I could barely raise the tiny weight and after a few goes my arm was shattered. Half a kilo seems like nothing, but it may as well be a ton weight just now.

Oh well at least I now know even more about the anatomy of my arse and the bit above my elbow, even if it was a scary thought that when she started talking about the Acromion I actually knew what she was talking about!


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