Another two Shala days in a row, as I have to use up my TLC pass before they cancel the Saturday Mysore. TLC wasn’t that warm to start with and it took a little while to get going, though the clunkyness seemed to last all the way through. As usual lots of great assists from Phillipa and little bits of advice after a chat about the shoulder progress and what the physio has me doing, P tried me on an arm balance to see if that would help my Deltoid, I told her I didn’t do those kind of arm balances and she replied that’s because i don’t do 3rd series! My lopsided sit bones coming in for comment and the way my left side lower back is compensating for what my still recovering shoulder can’t yet do. Probably the cause of last weeks sciatic flare up. I needed her help to bind Mari D, but once I’m in it I can stay. Supta K fingers united (just) and feet crossed, lift up and a better exit. Brilliant Pasasana bind and my other intermediates before this weeks new trick. My left hand will take the position by the ear for Urdva Dhanurasana but won’t stay there when I try to lift, after weeks of UD on bricks and Bolsters I can now put my hands against the skirting board and push up in to a backbend, even though my left hand tries to climb up the wall, but that’s another little breakthrough.

Sunday another tortuous stupid o’clock bus ride in to the city, but it turned out to be worth it. After Saturdays adjustments, doing practice in the heat of AYL it all came together, energy, flow and being really open, you just know when you’re on it. I was amazed how quick I was when I saw the clock in the finishing room. Some super Louise assists in the standing twists as well as the usual PPC and UHP.


Seated are virtually all back, though still no chance of Chatutanga, but Ardha Badha bound both sides and in that heat the joy of binding Mari D on my own, I knew I was being watched and assistance may come, but once my fingers docked on their own the potential assistance disappeared. AND then to put the cherry on the cake, the sweat and heat and general openness allowed me to at last bind Supta Kurmasana, hands and feet on my own, woo hoo 🙂

I’ve started to notice that as well as putting the strength back I’m gradually retraining my left arm, not only to do what it could before the 7th December, but also to do some things it couldn’t. Ardha Badha Padmot I didn’t used to be able to touch my foot, let alone grab my left toes with my left fingers, but having lost all the muscle I can now do that and I hope as the muscle and strength return I will be able to continue to do it. I haven’t been doing Bhekasana either, my final official given posture, but I’ve started to experiment now I can pull on the left arm to some extent. Pre 7/12 I couldn’t turn the left hand over and push down on the foot, but as my left arm is starting from scratch and relearning to do everything again I found that it is slowly willing to take the position, if only for a couple of seconds, I can’t push down because there is no strength, but I’m hoping as strength comes back that my arm and hand will continue to be able to get in to the position. The arm must be more malleable without the encumberance of muscle.

It’s been interesting through all the frustration, to see what came back (relatively) easily and what the most difficult challenges are going to be. Apart from no Chaturanga, there is still no chance of Sirsasana, Urdva Dhanurasana actually feels possible even if it is still impossible.

If TLC had a practice temperature like AYL I’m sure more progress would come, but doing this series of double headers has certainly moved things along.

And to top off a nice weekend, post yoga brunch with Rosey and Helen.


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