Jump backs back!

Back to TLC this morning, steady practice in the not overly warm to begin with Loft. Lots of great assistance, binding Mari C and D, a real deepening of Supta K, even if my fingers couldn’t find each other, Phillipa lifting my feet for the exit. Pasasana assisted bind on both sides.

The Vinyasa between sides and asanas has graduated since June when I first got back on my mat, from walking back and forth, without a hint of Chaturanga, to in the last few weeks lifting the feet to cross, repositioning the hands in front of the feet and then jumping back, using my knees in Chaturanga. Going forward again is just a jump to the hands, taking the weight through the hands to jump through isn’t yet possible. Today I had been using the careful reposition method to jump back, but as I lifted out of Supta K for some reason I automatically just jumped back through my arms. My arm didn’t break, it didn’t even hurt, though I had to bail on to my knees from the Chaturanga position I had landed in, but it just goes to show how much muscle memory there is, even after 9 months, my body seemed to know it was ok to go back to jumping back. I think the weight moving away from the shoulder makes jumping back easier than the jumping forward and through where the shoulders are a kind of pendulum.

Backbends with my hands jammed against the wall, not much progress, I can push up, but the left hand ends up at a weird angle,,it seems the strength is coming back, but the range of motion still has a long way to go. But at least jumping back is back.


9 Responses to “Jump backs back!”

  1. suzanne Says:

    woo hoo! that is wonderful..it’s funny how you can do more when you are not worried about it. hope you had some good chocolate pastries to celebrate 🙂

    • globie Says:

      I just thought ” did I just really do that ?”. I had no intention of doing it, it just happened, I think P was as surprised as I was and yes practice was followed by a lovely chocolate croissant 🙂

  2. Compassionate Warrior Says:

    Awesome Globie! What a nice surprise when breakthroughs or rather break-comebacks sneak up on you and surprise you! How neat is that. … Enjoy your chocolate croissant and I’ll toast to you with my fav double chocolate scone this evening. Cheers to jumpback comebacks!! 🙂

    • globie Says:

      Thanks CW,

      Back to my normal oven of a Shala tomorrow, so see if the miracle repeats itself.

      Double chocolate Scone, OMG where do I get those from, they sound great.

      • Compassionate Warrior Says:

        Hey Globie!

        I’m sure your jump backs will come back consistently with time. Enjoy the heat, so healing to the tissues!

        We get ours in good old Toronto at a neat place called Cobs Bakery. They’re my faithful go to. They know me by name there now. lol! Best warmed and dripping with butter. Wish I could mail one for you! They’re fab! 🙂

  3. Compassionate Warrior Says:

    By the way this real time chat across the pond was totally cool!

    • globie Says:

      It’s neat chatting across time zones.

      The heat at AYL always helps, it just feels like you can go much further. A Nurse friend told me I would end up doing things without thinking and realise my body was ready for them. The range of motion is still quite restricting.

      The place we go after practice we know them and they know us by name too. Those scones sound divine, dripping with butter. If I’m ever in Toronto I’m gonna have to try them.

      • Compassionate Warrior Says:

        Sounds like you got a very insightful and supportive nurse Globie!

        Yeah with your consistent dedicated practice and that lovely heat working for you, the magic of surprise openings will come yet. Steady on! :))

        And cheers to yummie choco scones n croissants and great places and people to eat them with!

  4. mariavlong Says:

    Go Kevin! Great news.

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