Tentative assisted backbends

The Shala was surprisingly super empty when I arrived, but within a half hour people were having to start in the Finishing Room. I seem to always arrive as the earlier batches have gone and before the next big batch arrives, suits me, I got my window spot in the back corner. This is my new favourite spot, as it gives me a wall behind to help with my re emerging Urdva Dhanurasana.


Quiet Shala street

So jumping back turned out to not be a one day wonder, though I noticed I seem to favour the right side as I go back, quite understandable. Loads of assistance in standing in the quiet Shala. Taking care with the jumping back actually slowed things down. After binding all the Mari’s on my own, with C taken further, Supta K got bound both ends, Louise lifted my feet and made it a much deeper forward bend, it’s fun being able to do that again, I could just about lift in to the Titibhasana exit, but my arm couldn’t manage the Bhakasana manoeuvre to jump back.

My 2nd series asanas are coming along nicely, lovely assist in Salabhasana B, Louise pulling my shoulders back to deepen the thoracic bend. Bhekasana is coming too.

Backbends are still a way from coming back, Urdva Dhanurasana against the wall, once up I try and move the hands towards the feet, away from being jammed against the wall, but the left hand just slides back, it’s a combination of lack of strength and lack of range of motion that’s stopping me doing UD.

Having a wall lets me play hang (drop) backs, I can get a long way on my own now, I can control it and come back up. Louise had watched me and this week came across to just do assisted cross arm half ways, but after 3 of those she told me to keep going back, keeping it in the legs as much as possible, straightish arms, look for the floor and finger touch before bringing me back up. Now that was FUN. Next week she reckons we may even try to gently land.


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