Wish I was there


Exactly 2 years ago today I arrived in Mysore, I wish I was there now as autumn feels like it’s turning in to winter in Europe.

I can’t believe two years have passed since those 3 wonderful months of practice in the South Indian heat. It’s been rather a downward spiral since I left Mysore, got home and found a job, ten months later fractured my arm, 5 months after the fracture finally had surgery to repair it, 3 months later I lost the job because of the arms incapacity and still no sign of finding another job that the STILL recovering arm stands a chance of physically being able to do. There’s seemingly no end in sight as I wait to find out if there is to be another surgery to free up the shoulder from whatever it is that’s stopping it having anything like full movement.

The only question seems to be will I actually ever work again and if not will my arm recover enough of its strength and range of motion to make it worth buying another ticket back to Mysore.


9 Responses to “Wish I was there”

  1. D Says:

    I feel you on the Mysore blues. That place has been on my mind the past few months, and when I saw some photos recently on another person’s blog, it triggered such a deep, visceral reaction. Mysore really leaves its mark doesn’t it?

    Sorry to read about the situation with the job and the shoulder – it does sound like things are coming back slowly, practice-wise, unfortunately our sense of speed (in the mind) and the body’s pace don’t always align. Keep the faith and keep going, it will work itself out, I’m sure of it.

    • globie Says:

      Hi D, yes I thought Mysore would be a one off, but your photos last year and some this season makes me want to return.

      The shoulder is frustrating, though having to wait over 2 months for the surgery was annoying and has wasted so much recovery time. The government keep saying how many jobs they have created, but they don’t seem to have created any out here.

  2. Compassionate Warrior Says:

    Hey Globie, I hear you. I’m believing with you that one day you will get back to Mysore. … I’ve had many set backs in the past (chronic fatigue with job loss, a number of health crisis set backs, injuries, etc.) and each time I had to reach deep inside myself and also upwards to God to believe that I WILL get through this and not just get through but will HEAL no matter if it takes longer than I would like or expect. And in every case, with alot of hard work and diligence on my part coupled with heart belief diligence, that’s exactly what happened. Keep believing and keep doing just like you are. You WILL get there yet!

    • globie Says:

      Apart from the 3 months in Mysore the last couple of years have been nothing but illness and injury, 2 lots of surgery, infection, pain and frustration. And with the fracture losing me my job the tunnel has lost it’s light, without an income it’s impossible to plan or look forward to anything. Practice has been a slow slog, but bad as it is practice has helped fill the hours

  3. Michelle Hill Says:

    You WILL come back to Mysore! My practice here is nothing like it was back home…broken is how I feel at the moment, but I still go every day! It’s not about the physical practice OR about the shala you practice at (unless of course Sharath is your only teacher)…you know all this anyway…you just need a reminder! Love!

    • globie Says:

      Mysore was so much more than I thought or expected, though Sharath is not my regular teacher or KPJAYI my regular Shala, practising in Mysore does have a magic all it’s own.

  4. Caroline Says:

    I know this feeling Kevin! I have been thinking about Mysore too especially in this dreary weather! Just keep the practice and all (and Mysore) is coming 🙂

    • globie Says:

      Caro you were one of the first people I met in Mysore and know what a great time that was. Hopefully we will both get back there.

      • Compassionate Warrior Says:

        That’s the spirit Globie!

        … And believe me I was in that tunnel too — no job, can’t plan anything or look forward to anything as I couldn’t do anything physically (as I was so sick) or funds wise. So I’ve been there, slog and all.

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