Ankle assist

A stress free train journey to AYL for a change, but the second day running I’ve got to yoga drenched from the torrential early morning rain. But the rain wasn’t going to dampen my asana parade in the lovely AYL heat.

The Shala was quiet, choices, choices, but I still took my spot on the back wall, creature of habit that I am. Lots of help in standing, I would love to know how near my hands were to the floor in PPC, it felt like Louise took me way over.

I think my newly re emerging jump backs needs some refinement, as I noticed a mat burn on the side of my foot, I must be scraping my foot as I go back, I lack the ability to alternate the cross of the feet, so it’s the left foot that gets it every time!

Assisted in Mari C, but left to my own devices in Mari D, for some reason on the first side I can’t bind on the first go, my recovering left arm slides up and off my knee before I can get the fingers to join, but having a second attempt, getting the left arm lower down and further round the leg I can bind.

Supta K crossed and bound for the second day running, having a Shala practice on a Saturday makes Sunday much easier. Squished in Baddha Konasana, my nose was already down, but the adjustment lengthens the spine further along the mat.

My left hand is gradually getting the plot with Bhekasana, I’m still only doing one side at a time, the right hand can do the up and over the foot again now, so sometime soon I’m going to have to try the both at the same time proper version.

Urdva Dhanurasana against the wall, followed by a rubbish one off the mat, the right arm pushes up, but the left can’t keep up. Assistant T saw me and came along to get me to try the holding the ankles assist. Think I made the “giving birth” noise as I pushed up, but once I’m up its fine. And then it was time for dropbacks, no playtime, just straight in to 3 cross arm half way followed by three all the way, finger touch and back up.

So I’m doing or at least attempting everything again now except for Sirsasana, I just can’t work that out, my left shoulder will barely put up with taking the position and walking the feet in pre lift off, no way can I even attempt to lift up.


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