Bhekasana, the foot not the hand

My arm isn’t enjoying the cold, wet weather, it aches and won’t do Mari D even with help. I need the Shala heat more than ever. The last two Sundays the Shala has been quiet, but thankfully still nice and warm, so warm in fact that as I waited for my neighbour to finish her Parsva Dhanurasana I looked around to see steam rising off everyone as they practised. A nice extra hour in bed this week as we change the clocks. Bhujapidasana bail out today, as I crossed my feet and transferred the weight my arm didn’t like it, I ended up pulling my left hand out while still balanced on the right, I think I’ve possibly invented a new posture! Surprisingly being assisted into a fully bound Supta K afterwards was fine, it seems to be as much about what angle the arm is at, as well as what weight or pulling is going through it. Pulling on the arm in the last two bum balances is fine, the core is keeping me up.

The last couple of weeks Louise has assisted Salabhasana giving me a much deeper bend in the upper spine, meaning I don’t need to do my ungiven Ustrasana before backbends.


New Shala art

I’ve been experimenting with Bhekasana at home, my last given posture, the right hand has got the plot again now, the left arm isn’t sure about the rotation but is getting it. Being warm I decided it’s time to bring it back to the Shala, even if it’s still only one side at a time. Right side done I flicked the left foot up and started to try and crawl the fingers into position, I didn’t realise Louise was behind me until I felt my foot being pushed down as she easily put my left hand in the right place. Once in place the arm was pain free, the problem seems to be not with the necessary shoulder and hand rotation but the arms lack of strength to push the foot down, but next time two sides at once must be possible. If the left hand can take the position that’s another pose added that it couldn’t do pre fracture.

Yoga Swing

The Yoga show was much better this year, more stands and more things to try. The Yoga swing was great fun, going upside-down like a trapeze artist, alas I have no space let alone anywhere to suspend one from at home.
The show had lots of free classes, this year I tried the Feldenkreis , slow movements that try to rebalance the body. Feldenkreis is not something I had looked at before, but Suzanne has given me a couple of super Feldenkreis lessons via Skype to try and help my shoulder. Suzanne’s just qualified, so if anyone in
the NY area is looking for a teacher.

Mel and Alice from Yogaclicks (photo from Lucy)
The show is also great for meeting up with the yoga folk, great to see Cherie and also the girls from Yogaclicks, for who I occasionally write blog posts.

Sunday moon days 😦

Sunday moon day coming up next week, but no rest for the wicked, as we shall be doing the Upanisads at the philosophy discussion group.


2 Responses to “Bhekasana, the foot not the hand”

  1. suzanne Says:

    awwww… thanks kevin! 🙂

    and woohoo on the bhekasana!

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