AYL on a Wednesday!

I haven’t practised on a week day at AYL since December 5th last year, I never thought it would be this long until I would do it again, but then I didn’t know it was going to snow two days later with dire consequences. I had to be in the city today to visit a travel trade show and as I know Louise does the late shift on a Wednesday I figured I would take the chance.

At 8:40 AYL was like a Sauna with queues to start and queues to finish. So I started my Surya’s playing musical mats in the closing room until the “One more” and my turn to move into the main room. Despite the busyness lots of help, Hamish gently changing my arm position in Trikonasana and then Louise deepening the twist in Parsvakonasana. Hamish picks up on different things, he has a good eye for what needs to go where, like straightening my back and generally straightening me up in Virabadrasana .

The heat at ground level for the seated postures was something else, reminded me of Mysore, I was dripping, but the heat makes it a lot easier. Up to Mari C was good, Mari D my left arm, even with Hamish’s help couldn’t bind. At least my arm was ok with Bhujapidasana, though the Bhakasana exit failed! I had crossed my feet in Supta K and was wriggling for the fingers,then H came along and unbound my feet and joined my hands up, telling me the hands are more important.

Finger touch dropbacks with Louise, just wish I could land as everything else is in place. Great practice, just hope it’s not another year until I get a week day one.

Part two of the day was WTM down at Excel, not so much there this year, though still easily picked up enough pens to last the year. India provided the free tea, though it wasn’t in the class of Amruth Chai. I even got to fly Harry Potters broomstick!


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