It’s the weather

Back to the reality of home practice after last weeks Shala feast of Certified and Authorized teachers in hot, sweaty rooms, no Supta K, Mari D or Bhekasana binding, my arm doesn’t like the cold. That’s not just my opinion, the physiotherapist confirmed it, that the metal in my arm and the still rebuilding muscles and fibres don’t like the cold, it’s beyond aching a bit after yoga or physio, the heat pad is back. She did promote me back to the blue stretchy band, we actually tried the grey one, but I couldn’t move that! It’s been a long time since the blue one saw light of day, the end of March. She also wants me to do exercises that use both arms at the same time, rather than just concentrating on the injured left. The one sided exercises may be helping the left arm but are not good for my posture or balance in the body. She told me to self massage the arm to try and alleviate the aching and keep using my big blue ball and foam roller.

Another annoying Sunday Moon day, though it’s my teachers birthday, so am pleased she will get a lay in, for me Sunday this week will be an hour of having my shoulder, arm and sciatic nuisance dealt with by Lucinda. I can’t get enough pressure to the back or front of my shoulder with my own hands or Backnobber to give it what it needs.

No sign of a job, with that dreaded yearly event in 6 weeks time I can’t see anything happening until next year. I actually had two interviews for a job a couple of weeks ago, I told them about the arm, they said it wasn’t an issue, but by the time of the second interview with the Head Honcho it had become a problem, waste of my time and theirs, especially as I had told the HR woman the state of play when she first called me.

Wordpress tells me that apart from the UK, in the last year the readers of this blog have come from 108 countries!


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