A bit of a not great week

It’s not been a great week since my Moon day massage. Midweek I caught an infection from somewhere and my mother has ended the week seriously sick in the same Hospital I’ve spent too much time inside over the last 3 years. This has certainly turned into an Anu horobolis, I knew a year ending in 13 would be nothing but crap.

Getting back in to the practice run after a day off always seems hard, Monday was hard, Tuesday was a rush, Wednesday started late and got abandoned at Janu B as I felt “off”. After a sleepless Wednesday night,Thursdays practice wasn’t even a hope. Friday a glacially slow plod through to Bhekasana, though Pasasana was an easy bind after so many hours in the little room.

Nice to see some humour we all agree with on the blackboard

Finally a Sunday that isn’t a Moon day. Despite still only feeling about 60% with the effects of the infection I went to the Shala. I knew it would be warm and that I would get some help. The new physio exercises to give the arm more strength seem to have had an adverse effect on the arms ability to do both Mari C and Mari D first sides, with help Mari C is doable, but D has reversed from Louise being able to bind me to now the fingers don’t even touch, frustrating. The strength has made Bhuja much less painful, I can exit, though not via the Titibhasana – Bhakasana. Supta K I can almost bind my hands, though my arm had had enough before T offered to assist. But I got a nice squishing in Baddha Konasana 🙂

Salabhasana A and B wasn’t overly comfortable on the UT infection, but strangely the backbends do seem to make it feel more comfortable after I’ve done them. I managed two UD’s against the wall and one semi lift up off the mat, before not getting long to play before assistance arrived to dropback. I still can’t land on my own, but today we tried putting some weight in to the hand for a second or two before coming back up, felt ok, the strength is there but the ROM stops the hand being in the right place under the shoulder, so I’m going to keep needing the help for quite a while I guess.

After this week it was just nice to be back in the Shala, the practice took care of itself. And of course the croissant breakfast afterwards.


One Response to “A bit of a not great week”

  1. Compassionate Warrior Says:

    Keep it up Globie! And that croissant makes it all worthwhile! 😊

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