Stress and Bhekasana coming

Another stressful week where practice keeps me sane, my Mum ended up having surgery midweek and remains seriously ill in Hospital. Seeing her in that state is hard, knowing there is nothing I can do to help her.

So practice has been a little erratic, not helped by my arm returning to being painful, rather than just aching, not only from the practice and physiotherapy, but when it’s even doing nothing. The arm has lost length and movement, though the latest physio is making it stronger, though it feels like as the muscles get larger again they are being inhibited by the metalwork and internal sutures.

At least there is AYL on a Sunday to look forward to, well for the next few weeks at least,before the Shala closes for the holidays. It’s certainly got quieter there on Sundays, but still warm, quiet and my mental sanctuary.


Lots of help from Louise and Emma and some insight afterwards. Despite being nowhere near Mari D at home, Louise seems to have some magic that allows her to easily adjust my left arm around the right knee and bind. She commented after that the shoulder is actually harder to adjust in Trikonasana where the left arm is raised, she said it’s still really restricted in that plane.

I can tell the arm is getting stronger as I can do Bhuja again, the arm has strength when it’s straight and pressing in to the shoulder, but it’s weak when the arm isn’t rigid or is trying to lift and has lost range of motion again, which is frustrating.

Why could I balance Urdva Mukha Paschimottanasana yesterday, but today Emma had to rescue me as I wobbled, every day is different.

My 2nd series poses are pretty much back, Bhekasana was and is my stuck point, but that’s beginning to change. If I use the right hand to push the left foot down, I can get the left hand to go where it’s supposed to, it’s letting go to grab the right foot when it gets difficult, the left arm isn’t strong enough to push down and stay in place. After doing both sides on their own I threw a towel over my left foot so the left hand didn’t slip and let go to try and get the right foot, luckily E was behind me and held the left in place so I could get the right, she then let go to use her hands to pull my shoulders back as I somehow managed to keep hold of both feet, I was pretty delighted that the hands stayed in place without a teacher holding them.

Closing is only lacking Sirsasana now, that is still way too painful to contemplate for some reason. However a freak surprise in Baddha Padmasana, which I’ve never been able to touch, let alone Baddha. My left fingers found my left toes to bind and my right fingers touched my right toes, though I couldn’t bind, my arms struggle to get the concept of crossing behind to grab the toes, but I’ve never found one side before, let alone binding one side and touching the other.

So just two more Sundays to go this year, though I’m tempted to sneak in a Wednesday before they close for the 17 days of Xmas tedium.


3 Responses to “Stress and Bhekasana coming”

  1. susiegbsie Says:

    My shala is closing at the end of this week for 4 weeks, so you’re lucky!! Sorry to hear about your Mum – there’s nothing you can do but hope for the best and keep on going, one foot in front of the other … (as you know!)

    • globie Says:

      It’s part of the reason I usually escape somewhere sunny, alas this year I’m stuck here due to reasons beyond my control, unemployment , my still non recovering arm & others.
      Yes we keep hoping, but there’s nothing we can do & we’ve run out of things to say

  2. D Says:

    Sorry to hear about your mum Kev. Stay strong.

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