Unhappy Humerus Birthday

This Friday in December 2012 was the one where I slipped over on the icy, sleety snow and snapped my Humerus in half, just below the Humeral head. I never dreamt that one year on I would still be in pain, movement restricted awaiting a decision on another operation to try and give me some freedom of movement. The physical problems are bad enough, but the social and mental problems almost weigh heavier, no job since July, despite over 40 applications, life on hold with no income and a mortgage that still needs to be paid along with all the other incessantly ever increasing bills. So no planning for holidays, workshops or anything remotely worth looking forward to,with no income to pay for it. Now more than ever it’s a case of waking up and going through the motions, trying to do my practice and lately hospital visiting, one day is much like the next.

I need a resolution of some kind with my arm and I need a job, even a part time one would do, but there’s no light at the end of either of those tunnels just now. Same sh*t every day.


6 Responses to “Unhappy Humerus Birthday”

  1. Vernon Says:

    Sorry to hear about your experience. It sounds like 2013 has been a really tough year for you. Hope the light at the end of the tunnel comes soon and you end up even stronger on the other side. I’ll risk being cliché and say that everything is impermanent, even the bad times, though i’m sure this doesn’t help much to hear right now. Hope you get your arm sorted soon and that everything starts fallling into place in 2014. All the best.

  2. Ursula Preiss Says:

    Kevin enjoy the time that you have. Read the books that you wanted to read. Get some further education. Jobs will come. And your arm will heal, too. All the best.

  3. Scott Says:

    In 1995, I was laid off from a job I hated, an over-40 engineer and thus unemployable. I tried everything to get a job, maybe 1,000 resumes sent out, nothing. I lay in bed one night, looking at the ceiling, and realized that at the rate money was going out, I didn’t even have time to sell my place before I hit bottom. I was terrified. One guy I had approached for a job suggested I could do a little freelance work for him, I did so, and liked it. So I contacted others, got more work, gradually directed myself to what I’m really good at, and 17 years later, I’m still in business. It hasn’t been easy, especially with this economy, I never know where my next meal is coming from and my debt is awful, but I’m free, and I know how to survive on my own. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Working for someone else only to pay your bills is an awful life. What I’ve learned is that some things are worse than poverty, slavery being one. My usual income isn’t quite what I need most of the time these days, but it could turn around any minute, and in fact that has happened many times. Sometimes I’ve done well. What happened to me was that all the doors were closed off except for the one thing I always wanted to do, work for myself. My suggestion is, save yourself some time and ask yourself what you’re good at and makes you happy, not what gets you by. Just my 2 cents.

    • globie Says:

      Scott, I have no special skills or talents that would make a profession. I have done some travel writing, which I enjoyed but it wouldn’t pay for my croissant account let alone the mortgage. I’d be happy just to have a little stress free job that paid the basics and use my savings for the enjoyable stuff! but the savings are paying the bills so there is no enjoyable stuff

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