Steaming Elbows!

Red sky at night yogi delight

I would kind of expected to be steaming from the travel chaos of the last two days, that included suicides on the line, Cops chasing trespassers on the line and over running engineering work which they blamed on the suicide!

I finally got to AYL an hour late, the Shala was packed and I had to wait to hear Louise call “one more” before I could start properly, I’d done two Surya A’s in the Finishing Room before the call. Somehow despite being late I ended up between the same two beginners as I have the last two weeks, both said “good morning” as I rolled out my mat. All went well until Ardha Baddha Padmot where I lost my balance coming back up from the first side and not wishing to risk my still recovering left arm trying to save myself, I had to make an emergency plop down, landing on the back of my neighbours mat, while she was at the front laughing!

Help in the right places with seated, Tiriang Mukha evening me up and yet again Louise got me in to Mari D, I don’t know what she does that’s different to everyone else, but she has a knack and I end up easily, not to mention comfortably bound. One of the beginners got Bhuja last week and it was interesting to listen to Louise go through the posture with her again today, some reminders I needed about the cross of the feet and how to extricate yourself. Supta K finally bound both ends, the heat and Agi joining my fingers up, I must be near to doing it alone again. After the vinyasa I realised steam wasn’t just coming off my shirt but actually from my elbows, I’ve never noticed them do that before, so I decided to try a proper Garbha, with a quick spray to add to the sweat I got both arms the whole way through and completed a 360 for the first time in almost exactly a year! steaming elbows are the way to go o


Catherine’s chalk ball

Of course the steam can be a disadvantage too, but during last week I had chatted to Shala mate Catherine about the little chalk ball she uses on her hands and feet. As I got to closing she came over and gave me the ball to try, and wow hold the front page, I managed to hold both feet in Bhekasana and lift my chest, with the extra grip even my weak left hand and arm could hold on. I had actually talked to C about the hand traction in Urdva Dhanurasana, now I’m starting to push up without the wall I need to know my left hand isn’t going to fly out from under me. Well the chalk ball certainly helped, but it’s still the range of motion and being knackered by that stage of a Shala practice that stops me doing a proper UD, but it’s getting nearer.

Being late meant I wasn’t on the back wall today, so could only risk some careful hang backs before Louise came to do assisted dropbacks, apparently I’m veering to the right again as I go back, I’ve gotten out of the habit of putting my little towel in the middle of the mat behind me as a target. Still a way to go until I can land on my own, the strength to land isn’t far away, but until the range of motion improves and the hand can land nearer the feet again it’s still too dangerous, not that some of my dropbacks pre fracture were all that safe!

All week it’s been a case of doing what practice I can before hospital visiting, Mum is doing better, but like my dropbacks still a way to go.

£100 yoga mat, don’t think so!


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