One more!


The end of the AYL yoga year is nearly here, what a year it’s been with broken bones and surgery and the still no end in sight recovery. Sunday was a lovely practice, a not so busy Shala but still enough heat for the steam to rise from places with seemingly no outlet. The usual lovely assists, a bound Supta K and a deeply squished Baddha Konasana. Technical hitch with Garbha P. I was aware of the person next to me doing Parsva Dhanurasana, so I was over a bit to give her room, but too far over as I got half way round and found myself jammed against the wall! No matter, unknot move over and do the other 180 degrees. Not quite as spectacular as the yogini who was next to me at the local Shala on Friday, after getting round the 360 degrees, she gave it too much oomph in trying to come up into Kukutasana and went over the top landing on her head, I’ve never seen anyone do that before.

Louise helped me get Bhekasana on both sides again, my left arm and shoulder don’t mind that at all, though still just lack the strength to push the foot down, so Louise somehow manages to push my foot down with a knee while lifting my chest with her hands.
I had run out of energy by Urdva Dhanurasana, but surprisingly the assisted dropbacks felt like they had more control.
So that was the last Sunday practice of 2013

Rainy London

It may have been the last Sunday, but I’m going to sneak up for one more on Wednesday 🙂

I had plans to enjoy the city before the evening Shala Christmas party, but the weather was awful. The party was great, like last year putting names to people I see in passing, meeting people I have practised with elsewhere and chatting to friends I see regularly on the mat. There must have been 70+ people there and to think I could probably name 40 of them shows why AYL has become a second home and the place that keeps me sane.

Shala party at Tom’s place

So “one more” AYL practice to come, but on Monday I learned that 2014 is going to see me have to endure “one more” surgery on my shoulder. The Consultant said the improvement with strength is good, but the range of motion has plateaued to the point that he thinks, like the physiotherapist that something is trapped. But it could also be that as the muscles and tendons get larger as they get stronger, that the metalwork could be inhibiting their movement, so it’s not just going to be a keyhole operation to wash out the shoulder, it’s going to be a full general anaesthetic so they can remove the metalwork at the same time. They have to wait a year from the initial surgery to ensure the original fracture is solid, so by the time my number comes up with the 3-4 month waiting list my year will be up. If however a combination of the physiotherapy and Louise’s great assists can free up the shoulder between now and April then the surgery could be cancelled, but just in case I’m booked in for my second pre op assessment of the year on 31st December.


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