Touch down!

Covent Garden baubles

Surprisingly for a weekday at AYL I didn’t actually have to wait to hear the words “one more” this morning, a spot was waiting for me. Yep I escaped the domestic issues and got in for one last Shala practice before they close for the holidays on Friday. It took a while for my mind to stop thinking of all the stuff going on at home, my surgery to come, as well as the drishte distraction of the girl next to me doing some incredible looking 3rd series arm balances.

Louise seems to have a good handle on ways to stretch my arm and make it work without causing it any unnecessary suffering, Trikonasana and Prasarita C to stretch it out, before her deft touch binds me in Mari D. Hamish got me deeper into Supta K, fingers no longer hanging on for dear life, but tightly joined, feet crossed and I managed to lift up into Titibhasana, though transitioning to Bhakasana still isn’t happening, though I can kind of do Bhakasana. Garbha a complete bound circle without the wall getting in the way.

My 5 intermediate postures are really returning, Pasasana binding, Krounchasana without feeling like I’m going sideways, Hamish got me to put my hands on the floor for Salabhasana A, Bhekasana on my own, before the backbends. Two UD’s with my strap, then two without 🙂

Then the big surprise, rather than Louise, Hamish came over to do assisted dropbacks, the first two he got me to put my hands down, putting some weight into my arm for the first time in 12 months, though just for a second before pinging me back up. Number three on to the floor and then he tells me to “walk in”, what? “Walk,walk!” And OMG I managed to walk the left hand in just a little, wow touch down. What a nice way to end what has been a practice year of struggle and pain.


One Response to “Touch down!”

  1. Savannah Says:

    I’m so happy you finished the year with a high note in your practice, Kevin! Sometimes it just takes something tiny to shift our perspective… if even only for a little while.

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