Keeping on

Back to the physiotherapist with the news that they want to operate again in the new year. She says as things stand it’s the best option, I’m doing all I can with her exercises and although strength is improving, the range of motion has at best plateaued since the end of October and to be honest has gone backwards. It’s become more painful and “stuck” with the damp, cold weather.

Physio told me not to slow down her exercises now the surgery is going to happen, she’s told me to keep on going with all the physio, do yoga and if that doesn’t improve the range of motion by the time my name gets to the top of the surgery list, at least I’ll be as fit and strong as possible for the operation, which should help with yet another long recovery.

So keeping on with the yoga. With AYL now closed it was back to the local Shala this morning, we practiced to the accompaniment and distraction of Carol singers giving it their all outside the next door supermarket!

Post yoga mince pies before heading home to go stir crazy for a week of Xmas tedium. I’ve run out of box sets, pity there’s not a pill you can take to send you to sleep on Xmas Eve and wake up on New Year’s Day, oh no forgot New Year’s Eve I get to spend in Hospital having my pre op assessment.

Merry Christmas.


One Response to “Keeping on”

  1. Savannah Says:

    I’m with you. I have a hard time myself this time of year. I wish I could blink and it would be January 4. For me, that’s when my new year finally begins because of my work schedule.

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