Ganesh had his chance

Lanterns of hope

It feels like 2013 never started and has been a complete waste, in stagnation, pain and frustration. Last New Year’s Eve I sat on a Thai beach watching thousands of Lanterns fill the sky. I still had hope then that the Doctors were correct in telling me that my broken arm would be fixed in 8 weeks time and I would be back to work by March. Well 52 weeks later after surgery, physiotherapy, massage, injections and Pilates I’m not much further forward, I’ve lost my job through incapacity and despite a lot of effort I’m no nearer getting another.

Back in September an Indian Doctor spotted the little Ganesh on my pendant and told me if Ganesh doesn’t shift my obstacles to lifting my arm, that arthroscopic surgery would. So that’s where I am, I spent this New Year’s Eve morning in Hospital having my next pre surgery assessment, Ganesh had his chance, now it’s back to medicine.


The surgery won’t be until early April, so another 3 months of stagnation, then depending what they find another long period of recovery. I had a plan to go to Mysore next summer, hoping my practice would be back well before then, but knowing what a slog recovery has been since last April’s surgery, I seriously doubt that now. If I go I want to be at least back to where I was, Bhekasana and standing up from backbends.

I’m practising again and magically bound Supta K on my own at home the other day, but back in the real world my left arm still can’t get above the shoulder or lift my giant tea mug.

2013 never got off the ground and 2014 feels like its on hold, my passport is feeling neglected, covered in dust at the bottom of the drawer with a wodge of 180 Rupees stuffed inside that were earmarked for my post practice chai at Amruth.

So new year and new moon coincide, this new year I won’t wish, expect or hope for anything, Vairagya, what happens happens.

Wishing you all a Happy New year


7 Responses to “Ganesh had his chance”

  1. Ursula Says:

    We cannot look in the future. What we can do is trying to make the best out of any given situation now. I wish you a wonderful 2014!!!!!

  2. StEvE Says:

    Good God, I had no idea that you couldn’t lift the tea mug. Practice, practice, practice, and all is brewing.

    Happy New Year Kev.

  3. Mike Evans Says:

    I’ve been following along with your recovery ever since your blog was referenced by Grimmly and I have to say I’ve been inspired by your commitment to your practice and to taking the whole disaster of 2013 in such a Job-like way. (Excuse the biblical reference in a yoga community.)

    A few years ago, after managing to retire from an IT career I was debating going either to Mysore or taking Ramaswami’s TT in the USA. I took a trip to Australia to visit my sister and stopped in Bangkok on the way, where a friend of a friend took me for my first Thai massage. I was so blown away by the experience that I had to learn more and went back to train as a practitioner.

    I’m returning to Chaing Mai later in Jan for a month and hope to train with Pichest Boonthume so I’ll be staying in the city for a while. I’m taking a yoga mat, though I don’t know if I’ll be able to get to a shala every day. I thought you might be able to recommend somewhere?

    I’ve started a blog for people interested in my trip at – feel free to remove this plug.

    So, anyway I wanted to say thank you for the inspiration your blog has been to me and wish you well for 2014 and beyond. I don’t know about Ganesh, or even the NHS, but I’m convinced your own determination and spirit will see you right.


    • globie Says:

      Hello Mike

      Steve, who commented earlier goes to where Boonchu teaches and also another friend of mine Elle Sirilak, so I know you would be in good hands if you practised there. If you need any more info I’m sure Steve can help, he’s actually an authorised teacher himself and lives in Pattaya.

      The massage therapist I’ve been seeing to help my shoulder trained in Chiang Mai. I love Thai massage.

      If you want to do yoga in Chiang Mai Liz Derow should still be there, I met her in Mysore where she was assisting Sharath, she’s a great teacher

      Thanks for reading along on what has been a challenging year to say the least, I’m glad I’ve inspired someone, good luck with your trip, I’ll follow your blog now I know about it.

      Wishing you happy new year

      • Mike Evans Says:

        Thanks Kev,

        Great recommendations. I’m only spending one night in BKK before heading to Chaing Mai, but I’m spending a few days in Jomtien, just over the hill from Pataya at the end of the trip so might be able to catch Steve there.

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