Functioning again!

That’s how Phillipa later described it. Yes compared to when I last practised with her at TLC back in October I suppose my body and practice have started to function again. To me it feels like I’m not getting very far, especially after the Consultant told me my arm had “plateaued” and I need another operation, but P remembering October and seeing me now, the difference in my physicality is probably more than I appreciate.

I still needed her help with Mari D on the first side, but unlike 10/13 I could bind Supta K on my own and P could Dwi Pada me before helping with the exit, so much fun doing that again. Great to get some 2nd series assistance again as well, easy binding of Pasasana and a Behkasana assist when I wasn’t expecting it.

I’ve missed Phillipa’s teaching since TLC abolished the Saturday Mysore class, getting there on Sundays when AYL is closed is very hit and miss with the abysmal public transport.


Next Sunday it will be back to the AYL sauna, but I will have an answer to sliding hands in backbends with my chalk ball, after C let me try hers at AYL before Xmas I decided to get one. It did go to show how much yogis can be ripped off, C got hers from Yogamatters at £7 plus shipping, I got exactly the same thing from a Climbing and outdoor type shop in Covent Garden for £2.99, there always seem to be a premium added to the price of anything to do with yoga.

While I was in Covent Garden I watched some Jugglers, one girl was in handstand juggling soft balls with her feet, very impressive.


2 Responses to “Functioning again!”

  1. mariavlong Says:

    Great news Kevin! Now I have to backtrack and find your post about this chalk ball.

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