Two things

Since TLC on Sunday I’ve had a cold, I was hoping for a good practice week so I could hit the ground running at AYL on Sunday, but it will be what it will be, I’ve haven’t managed a full one since Wednesday.

In the lurgy enforced down time I came across two super yoga pieces on the web. The first was the fruition of Small Blue Pearls Runway project. Over 250 people from all over the world, including me, have sent in their photo of their practice space, bedrooms, living rooms, garage, garden, local Shala. Laura did this project to show that although many of us practice alone, that in fact we are part of something much bigger, we are all doing the same thing on similar mats, in similar spaces just in our own time zones. Laura has now made everyone’s photos in to a 31×15 poster called “Just practice”, which she will ship out to any corner of the planet where people lay their mats. It was fun looking for my own photo among all the cats and dogs who seem to want to get in on their owners action.


The second article I came across was a link to a You Tube video Peg posted on her blog. The video shows yogi Tova Steiner who recently had to have a hip replacement at just 40 years old, the video shows how she is getting on 90 days after surgery, amazing to see what she can do.

Here’s a link to the video

I hope after my next shoulder operation that I have the same kind of recovery, but as Tova says “Come to practice and do what you can”


2 Responses to “Two things”

  1. Compassionate Warrior Says:

    That’s exactly what you’ve been doing all along Globie!! How inspiring and encouraging to all of us who have to modify for one reason or another. I did the same when I hurt my wrists I had to do my own version of a sun salutation without my wieght ever going in my wrists. Sometimes when my wrists got a bit better I’d do dolphin pose for down dog. And so on and so on! … Keep doing the great practice your doing. And God bless you in your next surgery. I hope it’s a full success this time! And have a chocolate croissant for me!

    • globie Says:

      Thanks CW, it’s backbends and headstand that are still really difficult for me, headstand is actually impossible.
      I’m hope I’m celebrating a successful surgery with a croissant for us both

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