Open again at last, my first Sunday back at AYL this morning. I’ve missed practising there the last few weeks, I’ve missed the heat and the regular assistance, I’ve missed the energy and the other people I share that space with and of course I’ve really missed the breakfast chocolate croissants that always follow.

It was quiet when I arrived, though the back row was full I had the front row to myself, though not cold it certainly wasn’t as hot as my last practice in there, my elbows didn’t manage to produce any steam at least. The room filled up as I practiced, the whole process feels so much easier in there. Help with my arm in the Trikonasanas and Parsvakonasana sequences, my arm really struggles to find the right position, but it no longer objects to Louise putting it where it should be. If I try and move the arm it feels trapped and uncooperative, but when I just relax it and let Louise do whatever with it, then no problem.

Lots of help from Emma today, as the room filled up she seemed to end up assisting at my end, Emma’s assists feel lighter, but are just as effective as Louise’s, Tiriang Mukha realignment, Supta K and as she lifted me to exit I actually managed Titibhasana but moving into Bhakasana to jump back is still way beyond my arms ability, though I can do Bhakasana for a few seconds on its own.


Hope I get to lay my mat here again one day

My intermediate to Bhekasana is very consistent again now, Bhekasana is now better than it was before the fracture, especially with using my chalk ball to give my hands the traction to hold the feet and push down, rather than just trying to hang on.

So time for Urdva Dhanurasana, apart from the chalk ball to help my left hand stop sliding, thanks to Suzanne I’ve been doing some Feldenkreis exercises this week to try and make it more comfortable for the arm in that position before I try and push up. The arm just about has enough strength to push up, but it can’t straighten and starts to slide, especially if the upper spine isn’t as open as it can be. If the back is open I can move the weight backwards to increase the range of motion which makes it easier to push up and be in a better position. I try for three or four UD’s, they are not great, but it’s 3 or 4 more than I could contemplate 6 weeks ago.

I only got in a couple of hang backs before Emma arrived to do assisted backbends, she carried on where Hamish left off, assisting me back and letting me put weight into the arm and attempting to walk the hands in, like UD the strength is there, but the range of motion is the issue, so I only “walk” about half an inch.

A much better practice than I expected after a week of colds and flu jabs, the communal energy, heat and help sure make it a lot easier than home alone, it’s also a lot quicker, at least 20 minutes going by the clock in the Finishing Room. As usual I just wish I could get it more than once a week. Good to be back though.


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