Chaturanga coming

I accidentally managed to do a proper Chaturanga the other day, up until now I’ve just been using my knees to keep the weight out of my still recovering arm as I lowered down, but a combination of the blue band physio and the Bandhas making a comeback are starting to give me back the little elements of control.

Cross arm and straight arm hang back backbends have woken my legs up, I had just been bouncing back up off the wall, but lately I’ve been putting down some crash landing gear just in case gravity wins and trying to hang as far as I can without actually trying to go all the way. I’ve rediscovered the little opening crack in the top of my back that gives me that deeper bend and my legs are getting used to the idea that they are supposed to keep me up.

The arm still won’t lift much and the range of motion has definitely plateaued, but it’s quite strong pushing in to the arm, Urdva Dhanurasana is getting closer, but until the ROM improves another 30 degrees I’m stuck where I am. I tried turning my hands over in PPC, **#¬•***, won’t be doing that again just yet!

Practice at AYL was good, it’s becoming very consistent, just Mari D, some of the exits and Sirsasana are still beyond me, but the intermediate postures were never this good before the fracture! A brilliant Bhekasana assist after managing to get both my feet at the same time, excellent timing on Louise’s part to be behind me. At times practice feels like it’s back to normal,then something sharply brings me back down to earth. Savasana is a case in point, my arm suddenly painfully spasms after a few minutes and I have to change position or lay my arm across me until it’s time to get up.

I had to have my “Carer’s” Health check last week too, height, weight, BP, pulse, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t abuse any substances, well apart from Tea and croissants, questions on physical exercise, depression, medical history. They will get back to me, can’t wait, they are probably just preparing my padded cell in the ashtangi Asylum.

At least my “Just Practice” poster arrived today, loved the insert that came with it showing where all the photos were taken, just need to get it framed now.


2 Responses to “Chaturanga coming”

  1. Nadia Says:

    hi globie

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and you seem to mention hangbacks a lot. How does that work? I recently stopped my dropbacks due to lower back pain, and me realizing that I wasn’t really using my upper body and leg strength properly, and I believe hangbacks shall help me to prepare for the dropback.

    Appreciate if you can explain to me the steps to do it.

    • globie Says:

      Hi Nadia,

      Are you practising home alone or at a Shala with a Teacher?

      At the Shala before full dropbacks my Teacher will often do cross arm assisted hang backs. You place each hand on the opposite shoulder and then start to “hang back” trying to concentrate on opening the upper back and engage the legs. With the teacher you end up in a quite a deep opening hanging backbend, which does make the following proper dropbacks much better and seems to take it out of the lower back.

      I do the same procedure when I practice at home, but without assistance you have to be even more aware of engaging the legs and opening the upper back and obviously not going too far.

      Hope this helps

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