Sirsasana makes a come back

Two Shala practices again this weekend, first one going local. Starting late there at least meant the room was actually warmer than normal, even though I ended up as far away from the radiator as possible, but it did give me a wall behind for the backbends . Mainly left to my own devices, I think the teacher is getting to the point of needing an Assistant on a Saturday morning, but nice to just be able to flow through, no faff, just breathe and bend. Not bad UD's, well I got up at least, before dropping back and standing up from an ever decreasing pile of blocks, started with 7 and got down to 4.

Sirsasana was the surprise, I can walk my feet in, but when I get to the tipping and lifting point my arm and shoulder won’t have it, so I’ve been staying there for as many breaths as I can stand, but C offered to help me get up, neither of us knowing quite how that would go. So I walk my feet in and she lifts them up and woo hoo there I am semi balanced, with her making sure I don’t go out of the side door, then I realise she’s not actually holding me, just batting my feet back in to the middle. And what’s more, once I’m up no problem with the arm or shoulder. I just need to find a way of getting up on my own now, getting over the tipping and lifting point without it pissing my shoulder off.

Celebratory breakfast with 14 yogis crammed around a couple of tables in the coffee shop below the Shala, where I got asked if I would do the Mysore talk again for them.

Sunday back in the AYL oven, the space on my right had all the action, a newbie doing Garbha , which reminded me of being in Mysore, as her turning circle got ever wider as she bounced pinball style off two walls and my mat. After the newbie left I was treated to Genny doing a stunning Nakrasana on the vacated wooden floor, though she said her toes didn’t enjoy it!

Lots of super help from Louise and Emma, Mari D and a full on Supta K feet behind my head from one of them, managing to lift out in to Titibhasana. A Baddha Konasana squishing and a great Bhekasana assist, I’m amazed how that is coming along despite my arms still lack of shoulder rotation, I can stand the downward pressure from the assist, even though I’m not yet strong enough to push down with the arm on my own.

UD in that warmth get better with each one, the first one is a mental game to stop looking at the paint job on the ceiling and push up, but by number 4 my left arm is in a better position and ends up much stronger and straighter. I got a few minutes hang back playtime before Louise came over to do assisted. New game this week, instead of finger touching and coming back up we landed the first one then lowered down, number two was landing, rock and up, numbers three and four were landing, walk in, walk in more, rock and back up. How I could do with that every day instead of once a week. Having her pull my hips forward takes just enough weight off my left arm so that the shoulder can rotate that little bit further to let me walk the hand in. In UD I can only walk the hand if I’m balanced on my head.

Not sure about All is coming, but some things seem to be.


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