Evolving Evolution


Garbha gear
My arms range of motion may have plateaued, but little things still keep opening elsewhere. After last weeks surprise Sirsasana, a feet I’ve managed to repeat since with aid from the wall to get my balance, my upper back seems to have found an extra notch of opening, all those cross arm hang backs have had an effect, not to mention my legs letting me hang further for longer. The local Shala has a well stocked toy cupboard of blocks and bolsters, I get left alone to play and go for the full walking down the wall to dropping on to and standing up from fewer and fewer blocks. It’s nice to be able to experiment and see what’s possible. C does some nice assists, joining my fingers on the second side of Pasasna, but she couldn’t quite get Bhekasana to work

AYL the day after is different, no playing around, no toys, just hit the mat and go. Much warmer, more bendy, more focus, much quieter. Steady practice with super assists. Louise waiting for me in Mari C and D. Although I can do Supta K again on my own, I’m back to getting the assist of my feet ending up behind my head, which means the Titibhasana exit is actually quite easy, though the transition to Bhakasana still isn’t possible, my arm won’t have it. Bhekasana assist for the second day running, it has to be about technique and Louise obviously has it, despite slippy hands she kept me in place with her knees while lifting my chest up. UD then a couple of hang backs before T comes to do dropbacks, walking the hands in a little, though we seem to have reached the limit of my shoulders range of motion, not to mention the arm refuses to straighten in that position. I’m doing about 60% of the coming up now.

Off to the Finishing Room, a spot with some wall behind, a bit of a crash in to the wall as I get up in to Sirsasana and find the balance point for as long as my arm and shoulder will put up with it. That’s the first Sirsasana I’ve done at AYL in over 13 months.

That was the physical practice, which is evolving slowly, but not the end of the yoga day. After breakfast back for Ruth’s Evolution of yoga history & Philosophy over the last 3000 years in 2.5hrs, 20 years a minute by my reckoning, who needs a Tardis!
My notes need deciphering, but basically Ruth tried to pottedly cover the Harappa civilisation from 2500bc, the Vedas, Upanisads, via the epics of Mahabatra, Ramayana and the Gita, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, Vivekanandas lectures at the end of the 19th century, ending with Krishnamacharya, Iyengar and Guruji.

I missed plenty , but I at least had some idea after the monthly philosophy group sessions, but it’s interesting to see the lineage in a chronological style order and how it joins together like beads on a Mala, bringing us to the present day asana we now do.

My favourite spot by the radiator next to the right window


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