Are those my fingers?

Makes a change from strike notices

As the next operation gets ever nearer and my arm is seemingly stuck at its plateau of stuckness, little chinks of light still appear on my mat when the conditions are right. The AYL Shala was very busy today,Mari A to Mari C bound, time for Mari D where Louise or Emma normally come to help my left arm circumnavigate my right knee. Towel in place but no sign of help, L doing a Pincha in front and E a Supta K down the row, oh well I decide to just try and if it’s not there so be it. Left arm round right knee, grab a bit of left leg, swing the right arm round the back, more in hope than expectation and fingers touch, not bad on my own without a block under me, but no wait there’s more, a right middle finger grabs it’s counterpart, then another couple of fingers manage to bind. My arm is ok I can twist and open the chest and stay there, it’s over 400 days since I was last able to bind the first side of Mari D on my own at the Shala without assistance. It remains to be seen if it was a freaky one off.

Things come and go, it seems to be a very transient practice lately, extricating myself from Bhujapidasana has become a problem again, yet I can go a proper Garbha again now, after easily binding my own Supta K.

I’ve loved Supta K since I first managed to bind on my own and realised it’s not just for the “bendy Wendy’s” up the front, not that there is a front or back at the Shala, your mat can end up anywhere, whoever you are, beginner or 3rd series “Wendy”. It’s one of the two asanas I really want back after all this medical crap is over. The other is backbends, I worked so hard to be able to do them in the first place, finding the physical strength and conquering the mental fears of dropping back and standing up. At the local Shala I got to play, after going 4 poses beyond to Laghu Vajrasana to give my legs the engagement I managed to eventually drop back and stand up from 3 blocks, one block lower than last week. AYL backbends mean no playtime, apart from a couple of nice deep hang backs, as I came up from the second I found Louise waiting for me, assisted drop back, walk in and stand up, three times, Louise mega squash, roll up my mat as Louise calls “one more”.

The finishing room had one person closing and five people starting their practice, the Shala was rammed like it hasn’t been on a Sunday in ages. Glad I got there earlyish. Alas I didn’t get a piece of wall, so Sirsasana didn’t happen, I tried but the risk at this stage of taking out 5 people if it went wrong, I just walk my feet in and tried to put some weight in to my arms.

Roll on next Sunday.


4 Responses to “Are those my fingers?”

  1. fitchickyoga Says:

    Way to go, Globie! Isn’t it nice when practice surprises you like that. Especially when one’s coming back from a long injury ~ 400 days! Keep on believing! … Now, double chocolate scone for you!! đŸ˜€

  2. fitchickyoga Says:

    Right on!! lol!! … I keep forgetting you eat the choc croissants and I eat the choc scones! ;D

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