Physio guinea pig

After 6 weeks of yoga and doing the physiotherapy on my own it was time to check in with the physiotherapist. Before starting she asked if I minded her trainee being there as I’m what she terms an interesting case, what with fractures, metalwork and ground up Pelvis filling in the gap.

The arm can lift a little higher than the last time I saw her, but it’s still very tight and certainly far from free moving, the pushing off the wall is good, but lifting anything above a kilo is still impossible. So she says it looks like it’s still a good plan to have the arthroscopic surgery and metalwork removed.

Treatment was interesting, it was like being in a Shala with a trainee assistant and an experienced teacher. S the proper Physio told R the trainee to do the pushing in to the shoulder which does release some of the restriction, but she wasn’t pushing very hard, but kept asking if I was ok. Time for S to show her how it’s done, S pushes much harder, it’s not exactly painful, but it is uncomfortable and I can feel the tightness and I ache afterwards. Then she had R move on to my neck and back, R soon picked up my necks left leaning tendency which has been exacerbated by the injury, but at least said my back muscles are good.

The left shoulder however is much further forward than the uninjured right and they said I need to do a lot of moving the shoulder blades towards each other before the operation to try and improve the shoulder position and improve the backs general posture. The better it is before the op the easier it will be to get it back afterwards.

Need to do a lot of this

Hopefully the L plate Physio learned something new and getting a double dose of everything should help me, even if it leaves me sore. It’s a bit like practice you feel it hours after and not at the time.

Mari D has just about stayed, though away from the Shala heat each day less fingers have joined and I’ve been able to stay in it for less breaths, hopefully I won’t have lost it again by the time I get back to AYL on Sunday.


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