Devi two hands

Friday’s moon day was a welcome rest, but it’s been hard to get going again, dunno about Guruji’s “body not stiff, mind stiff” theory. Saturday morning’s practice after a stormy night of flying bin lids and smashing glass in a not warm enough Shala was hard going, everything was stiff.

Sunday at AYL nearly didn’t happen, 7am all trains cancelled, leaves or tress on the line, but luckily I got a ride in to the city, so I was on my mat in my favourite Radiator spot only a few minutes late. I don’t know why other people don’t like that nice warm spot, but glad to see it was till free.

The heat sure does help, mind and body more pliable and comfortable, it’s just so much easier to get in to the groove at AYL. Standing just happens, mostly left alone until UHP. Mari D had steadily got worse and less bound since last Sundays binding miracle. I thought it wasn’t going to happen today, I’d tried to bind twice but just couldn’t, third attempt I found Louise had appeared behind me and she joined the fingers up, once I’m bound I can stay, but it wasn’t as “relatively easy” as it was last week. My arm wants to say “No”, but the Physiotherapist has told me to do anything and everything I can.

Supta K and Garbha in the heat are easy, Supta K feels like a free pass when Louise comes and adjusts it, feet behind head, lift and exit, love that, hope it doesn’t take as long to get it back after the next operation.

4 hands Devi

Intermediate are steady, Pasasana to Salabhasana B just happen, Bhekasana super assist again from Louise. I found out at breakfast that she doesn’t suddenly sprout Goddess Devi style extra arms. Apparently she grips my hands on to my feet with her toes and uses her hands to lift the chest, which is still a pretty skilled adjustment I have to say.

Assisted Urdva Dhanurasana today followed by assisted drop backs, my back wasn’t as open, after a moon day and a cold practice, even AYL heat wasn’t enough. At least Sirsasana with help from the wall was good, I just can’t get up. Some days are like that, at least I got there.

The two Sunday moon days in March are a nuisance coming when I really need to be there before the operation, I could do with a week there never mind 3 out of 5 Sundays.


A few years ago Susan was responsible for converting me to Mysore practice after the led class finished. I’m not her only convert, but without her encouragement my practice would never have got to where it did, her advice as I have progressed has been invaluable . So it was great to see the photo of her today outside KPJAYI in Mysore with her certificate of Authorisation, if anyone deserves this Susan does.


2 Responses to “Devi two hands”

  1. Susan Bysh Says:

    Aww thank you Kev! That is super sweet of you 🙂

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