Stretching it


It’s been a stop start practice week, my back rebelled on Monday after carrying my black mat and the shopping over my right shoulder and in my right hand on Sunday. My left arm and shoulder may slowly be recovering, but carrying and lifting are still a while away, so on Monday my back was not happy. It took until Friday to do a proper practice after a week of tennis ball and tiger balm.

Saturday practice at home in the warm up to Laghu Vaj. Sunday, after a long bus ride, back by my Radiator at AYL. It’s so easy just to unroll the mat and go. Louise knows the Physio has told me to do whatever in the weeks leading up to the next op, so she’s soon stretching my shoulders, downward dog pulling me backwards from the Pelvis, Trikonasana gently pulling the arm upwards and rotating it into the correct position, instead of letting it hang out where its comfortable. Prasarita C back to the full on foot between the arms stretching my shoulders and arms down towards the floor, a much deeper and more intense stretch, she seems to intuitively know how far to go. Another case of the arm not being able to do a movement on its own, but it’s quite happy to be adjusted there.

Left to my own devices in the Marichyasana sequence, Louise watched but left me as I magically bound Mari D on my own. I just hope it doesn’t disappear again during the week. Supta K all bound again on my own, usual easy Garbha in that heat. A nice squishing from Emma in Baddha Konasana.

I can tell when I have a good, focused practice, I get to the bum balances and suddenly realise I’m heading for closing. Not of course before I do the 5 intermediate postures ending with Bhekasana, that chalk ball sure helps my weak left arm keep a downward pressure on the foot.

UD is coming along, though the left arm still can’t straighten, at home I’m able to carefully drop back on to a bolster, but the floor is still a bit hard for my arm to land on, so I’m still glad of Emma’s assistance with drop backs.

I’m running out of practice Sundays now as I wait for the date.


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