Polar Bears and Pasasana


I love this picture!

Moon day Saturday in the city running the travel club, interesting talk about the Polar bear Jail they have in Canada. Polar bears look cute, but they are one of the few predators of us, though most ashtangi’s would probably only serve as a Polar bears tooth pick!


They probably prefer to eat non yogis, who have more meat on them !

Polar bears doing yoga would be something else, pure coincidence that I posted this photo among others over the last couple of days while helping out Yogaclicks.

Another early start on Sunday, AYL was quiet, lots of lucky people still in Mysore and other sunnier, warmer places. Not that my spot next to the radiator was cold, but after a moon day and two hours on a Bus to get there I was a bit stiff. Louise is certainly doing her best to get my left arm as mobile as possible before the next op, stretching it out in Trikonasana and Parsvakonasana and the usual deep pull in PPC, that feels nice, even if it does ache a bit later in the day. Still a case that Louise can move my arm in ways that it’s not capable of doing on its own.

Despite a day off Mari D was a bind tick, L watched, but once she saw a couple of fingers join she walked away. The surprise today was the second side of Pasasana, I haven’t up to now been able to rotate the left arm enough to get it round the knee far enough to bind, but somehow today it just went, what changed? But that’s the first time I’ve bound that on my own in 13 months, I stayed in it for about 15 breaths just for the fun of doing it đŸ™‚

Bhekasana was only a half a tick, despite Louise’s best efforts, my foot was too slithery to keep hold of, oh well as we all know you can’t seem to have everything in one session in this game.

The backbends do suffer from missing a day, not great UD’s and no play time, just the regulation three up and downs before heading to the Finishing Room. Sirsasana has sporadically happened sans wall in the last week, today it had to be with wall before an uncomfortable exit, my shoulder is ok once I’m up or down, but transferring the weight through the arm and shoulder is still painful.

Roll on next Sunday. And any Yogaclicks subscribers on FB or twitter I hope you enjoyed the Ashtanga slant on the posts that last couple of days.


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