Pasasana staying

Where we come from.

Since last weeks surprise Pasasana bind, apart from one day it’s stayed. I often wonder if I do some something in a hot Shala in the right conditions if it’s just a one off never to be repeated lucky freak. Pasasana actually feels easier on my arm than the on off Mari D bind.

The consistency to Bhekasana is now good, especially at AYL where it’s so much easier and with assistance that knows when to arrive and more crucially how far to go. I’m amazed how far Louise can now take my arm in Prasarita C.

UD has alas gone off, I tweaked something at the local Shala on Friday and had a pulling apart sensation which I thought I could hear, but that may have been my mind playing games, but since then I can hardly push up in to UD, the shoulder doesn’t seem to have the strength or stability, it’s like the shoulder isn’t being held quite in place.

Locally I’m left to play Bolster dropbacks on my own, that is coming, but the shoulder is still nowhere being able to support a ground landing. AYL I did get in some nice hang backs before Emma came to assist, taking me to the floor, a little crawl of the hands, 3 rocks and up. I had been hoping to do it on my own before the next operation, everything else has come back, except that and Sirsasana, which sort of came back and now is lost again as well.

Moon day 😦

Grrr Moon day next Sunday, though I won’t miss having to get up for the rail replacement two hour bus ride, but annoying to miss a week with surgery approaching, a Wednesday practice is a possibility.

It’s all waiting now, still waiting for the surgery date, and waiting for Atos. I finally had the government health assessment, their third attempt after they had screwed up the two previous appointments.


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