Accidental dropback

Getting out of it will take time

Backbends have been coming along, not so much Urdva Dhanurasana off the mat, pushing the weight up is still too hard, but hanging and the experimental slow Bolster dropback. It’s got to the point that I can drop back on to the Bolster with no faffing around, especially since I started doing Laghu Vajrasana at home to make my legs engage more to control the descent.

So today I did two nice drops on to the Bolster, number three felt different, I had more bend in the upper spine and good
control going back. Just as I got to the point of no return it dawned on me that the bend was deeper than expected and the soft Bolster wasn’t in range to land on, so it had to be the mat, oh shit is this gonna hurt, my mind said in that split second before touch down, but actually it didn’t and I landed and lowered myself down. Woo hoo 13 months since I last did that.

Standing up again could take a while though, as I still don’t have anything like the range of motion to walk the left arm/hand in enough to be able to rock. Hoping the surgery cures this. Though the Hospital told me this week that there is a backlog on the surgery waiting list and that instead of early April it’s now going to be some time in May before I get near the top of the list for the arthroscopic release and removal of my metalwork.


2 Responses to “Accidental dropback”

  1. Mike Evans Says:

    Ah well – with the slight delay more time to get in shape and no need to worry about moondays on AYL days then 😉 Your steady progress is still inspirational. Despite all the good intentions I’ve given myself really sore hamstrings from knocking out my first primary in a month yesterday. (Felt great but as my massage teacher in Thailand says: most of our karma/suffering comes from things we do in this life, not previous ones) I promise I will take the moon day off and I’ll have to stand on the naughty step for tomorrow too I should think.

    • globie Says:

      It’s always later I feel it, not at the time.

      I’ve always treated Moon days as optional, though when they are on a Sunday and AYL is closed I have no choice, well apart from to practice at home. See you on the Naughty step 🙂

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