Lulu Fest

Talk about mega marketing, renting the Opera House and a full Orchestra a week ago and “buying” every yoga class at every big studio in London today,

Opera House yoga class for 350

Lululemon are certainly sparing no expense getting known and collecting email addresses. So it was a bit of a surprise to walk in to The Lifecentre in Islington this morning, having taken advantage and signed up for the Mysore class with Ruth, not a shred of Lululemon marketing material, no banners, no balloons, nobody forcing yogis in to brightly coloured sheer leggings.

According to the website every spot was booked, Ruth had two Assistants to cope with the crowds, but the crowds never came, it was “no show central”, plenty of space and with three to assist, so no shortage of help. The first time I have practised at TLC Islington, started off facing the wrong way, even if I had found the corner next to the Radiator!

Good practice, Ruth knows my arms limitations, but still gave me a super Prasarita C assist. One of the Assistants did a great Mari C assist lifting as well as rotating the torso, I’m sure that’s what made Pasasana a simple stress free bind. Mostly adjustments are just physical, but nice of Ruth to give me some advice with getting my left arm and hand to take a better position in Bhekasana.

Where did they all get to?

Urdva Dhanurasana has become hard to push up in to off the mat, my left arm has lost strength, maybe it was the accidental dropback the other day, but anyway the physiotherapist said I’ve possibly torn a bit of Supraspinatus, so UD is a trial. However being in UD from a dropback is far more comfortable, more weight staying in the legs and hands more under the shoulders. I realised R had watched my hang backs, before I could bend any deeper she decided to assist and help me go all the way and back up again.

Well it was the no shows loss and our gain, super practice with a great teacher, they don’t know what they missed. And two hours later still no sign of any Lululemon people, think they missed a trick there,unless they are going to deluge everyone with email tomorrow.


Rather than head home, I spent the afternoon at the top of The Shard, fantastic views of the city from the highest observation platform in Europe.

Tower Bridge


2 Responses to “Lulu Fest”

  1. Clare Says:

    I also thought it was odd that they went to all the effort of paying the studios but left no marketing material whatsoever. I won’t complain about the free guest pass I get from TLC as compensation for not needing the free session though! I think you must have arrived after the rush though, it was busier than usual between 6.30 and 8!

    • globie Says:

      I started just after 7am, finished at 9am. Maybe I had good drishte and didn’t notice, but not having been there on a week day before it didn’t seem busy to me. Glad the regulars didn’t lose out

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