3 in 4 days

A third proper practice in the last 4 days, after Lulufest, the local Shala yesterday with it’s well stocked toy cupboard and today “home” to AYL.

Saturday at the local Shala seems to be about experimenting and opening everything up ready for Sunday. Trying a different Supta K entry, going up to Laghu Vajrasana and doing backbends with blocks and dropbacks on to Bolsters.

Today started with a middle of the night bus trip into the city, I won’t miss that next Sunday, moon day and summer time starting, ie an hour stolen from my sleep.

Practice at AYL has a much better flow, less distractions, quieter, more concentrated, much more internal, less space, aware of only those on either side and the person on the mat in front of me.

Another consistent practice until I got to Mari D when I realised I had for the first time ever, forgotten to bring a little towel with me. So the first side trying to get my dodgy left arm round the knee without any traction proved impossible, luckily I was spotted and assistance arrived. Of course other asanas are all the better for being towel deficient, Supta K and Garbha now I can get both arms bound behind in the first and through the gaps for a proper 360 in the second.

Surprisingly, despite no binding towel, I managed to just about finger grab Pasasana and with some chalk held on to both feet while being assisted in Bhekasana, whatever muscle it is that’s responsible for pushing the foot down seems to be gaining a bit of strength at long last.

The Supraspinatus problem is most noticeable in Urdva Dhanurasana, according to Wikipedia that muscle is responsible for the first 10-20 degrees of arm movement before the big arm muscles take over, which explains why getting off the ground has become so bloody hard suddenly, the arm struggles to push me up and if I do manage to get up, it lacks the power to push the hand flat and I start sliding away. Being in UD from dropback is much better with more weight in the legs, so long as I can control the descent I can end up in UD with straight arms, even if I have banged my head while getting my range.

By the time I got to dropbacks the Shala was busy, there was a queue needing PPC, Supta K , Kapo and backbend assists, so I got to play on my own for a few minutes, finally landing my first unassisted dropback in the Shala since December 2012. I only managed two before Emma came over to assist, but she had obviously seen me land and asked if I was back to doing it on my own, had to admit it’s still very hit and miss, so she compromised and let me drop most of the way on my own then assisted the landing and pulled my hips forward so I could walk the hands before coming back up, but she said it’s looking good 🙂


So the board says New Moon next Sunday, no 5:30am alarm, change the clocks and Mother’s Day, they do like to keep us informed, though not sure who chalked “You’ll be lucky” underneath the Mother’s Day notice!


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