D-Day has a date

Ive now got just two AYL practices to go, a week ago I thought I had 7 or 8. My arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder was originally scheduled for 29th May, but suddenly earlier this week I found out I’ve been moved up the list to 10th April, the sooner the better, the sooner I can hopefully start to recover and finally get my practice back, not to mention get a job and have an income again. My arm has made a lot of progress with the physiotherapy, massage and practice, but it’s still not right. The range of motion improvement came to a stop before Christmas and since the tear in the Supraspinatus the strength has diminished.

And just when practice was coming, binding Pasasana, holding Bhekasana and semi backbends, at least I know it’s possible to get it back. It’s not the flexibility that goes with enforced weeks and months off the mat,it’s the stamina and muscle strength. It’s taken 9 months from starting to practice again, starting 2 months after the first surgery, to get back to where I am now.

Dhanurasana is going to have to wait.

I had a plan to possibly be here for my birthday, but with another long recovery and The Boss changing the summer months to an Authorised Teachers only gig that plan is sunk.

Plan B was to be in Hammersmith, but along with the majority this is the closest I got to getting one of the precious Kate Bush tickets, so that plan is gone.

So it looks like as it’s a Wednesday I’ll be here for the big five O.


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