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Back on my mat – kind of

April 25, 2014

Having seen the physiotherapist on Tuesday and having my stitches out yesterday, it was time to try and see what was possible. The Physio was pretty pleased with my movement and told me it should be much better once the stitches and very sticky dressings were removed. I was expecting more improvement than transpired, but it’s only been 14 days since the surgery, so I suppose I have to be realistic. It certainly feels a lot better than this time last year when they fixed the fracture and I was stuck in my sling for 6 weeks.

Stitches out and the bruising has gone down

The Arnica cream seems to have started to get rid of the bruising, the wound itches like crazy, it turned out that I didn’t have stitches but just one stitch that was woven through the incision to join it up, the Nurse snipped the top and bottom knots and pulled and pulled, removing about 9 inches of thread.

So my mat was calling, my hamstrings were not happy as I did a semi Surya, on my knees Chaturanga, I tried to do up dog but my shoulder said “No”. The range of motion in the shoulder is quite good, better than expected, but the pain around the wound and whatever they did in removing the metalwork still has some recovering to do. So straight to standing, which apart from my legs having forgotten how to engage and tight hamstrings was doable, even including holding my toe in UHP, though I’m a way from binding the next one.

Seated up to Mari A, though no vinyasas, Navasana, why is that posture ALWAYS possible whatever I do to myself? Baddha Konasana and Savasana. Closing isn’t possible, I did try, but no way is my shoulder putting up with any of that just yet. But at least it doesn’t feel as far away as it did a year ago.


I’m aiming to be back at the Shala mid May, though I’ll call in this Sunday on my way to the monthly Philosophy Discussion Group, I miss that place and the people, so it will be a mental lift to walk through those doors so soon, yes I can hear you saying you are only going for the croissants! Well it would be rude not to.



April 15, 2014

The anaesthetic brachial nerve block has nearly worn off and the bruising has come out spectacularly.
The nerve block made the first few days after the surgery much easier to deal with, though as well as working in the shoulder it also left my left arm completely like a dead weight, I had no sensation right to the tips of my fingers, I couldn’t feel the nurse sticking a pin in and couldn’t make my fingers do anything. Sensation has mostly returned, though the outside of the wrist and hand and the little finger and the next one still don’t have complete feeling or control.

Black,blue & yellow

The bruising is multi coloured, so five days later it’s actually become much more uncomfortable, just when I was hoping to cut down the pain killers for my stomachs sake. The arm is aching and not being able to practice is making me feel cold, no circulation.

I have 6 physio exercises I repeat x 3 times daily, raising the arm is much better, but lateral movement is hard, though until I see the Physio I’m not sure if it’s the surgery, the stitches or the very sticky dressings they used to stem the red tide that I’m up against. The exercises have become harder as the nerve block has worn off and the bruising has come out.


Ani in Mysore sent me a nice monk inspired get well card.

And some from the Yogaclicks folk

Gayatri mantra

Ashtanga chant that I was mentally thinking of as they put my lights out, Vande guru……zzzzzzzzzzzz


April 13, 2014

After 3 days in Hospital I’m finally home. I’ve had an Arthroscopic release to clear the scar tissue from my shoulder and a second procedure to remove the metalwork from my Humerus. I was going to ask for my metalwork, but Jenny the Anaesthetist was so efficient, she almost painlessly had the needle in my hand and me out for the count in a few seconds before I could remember to ask. Whatever she used must have been for knocking out Horses as it took them over an hour in Recovery to wake me up.

My clear shoulder, looks like a planet!

Instead of going home the same day, as was the plan, they kept me in to control the pain and a sudden leak of blood which resulted in a long night of pressure to stem the red tide that was making a mess of their sheets, just as well I hadn’t gone home as it would have been my sheets! I ended up still being an inmate for a third morning from a problem caused by the anaesthetic.

I’m home now, resting and rehydrating on a diet of pain killers and chocolate

Unplanned double header

April 7, 2014

I had planned to go to the local Shala on Friday, but annoyingly I had been summoned for some more pre op hospital tests. Saturday was down for running the travel club, no time for yoga, or so I thought. Then “surprise”, Friday night a message from Michaela to say she was covering the Saturday Mysore at Shiny HQ. Too good an opportunity to miss, M is in the premier league of Paschimottanasana squashers! Michaela left us a couple of years ago in the capable hands of Phillipa at TLC, while she went off to finish writing her book, in the mean time of course TLC did the dirty and abolished the Saturday Mysore.

A lovely practice, different adjustments in Janu A and Mari A and more help with Bhekasana. Urdva Dhanurasana seems to have gone on holiday, my left arm has lost strength to push me up, especially when my back isn’t open. Great to practice with Michaela again.

Saturday’s bonus practice made my last AYL practice for a while a much better practice than it probably would have been. Not quite as warm in there, no steaming buns at least. I took it nice and slow, I wanted to enjoy this one knowing it’s going to be a while before I’m back in there. Lots of help, Louise trying to get my arm in the best possible position in Trikonasana, stretching it out in PPC. Emma looks out for certain postures, she’s always there for UHP, Tiriang Mukha and the first side of Mari D, it’s strange that they both find it easier to get my left arm round my knee in the seemingly more challenging Mari D than to line it up in Trikonasana.

Ironically the best Pasasana bind I’ve ever done, especially on the second side, how does that work? I just hope it will come back again after Thursdays operation. The heat helped the UD’s, just about managed my three, but the strength has gone west on the left arm. A few nice hang backs before Louise took me in to my last assisted dropbacks. I even managed a Sirsasana in the Finishing Room without the wall.

I’m going to miss being here and the croissants

So that’s AYL for a while, since I returned in June with a few exceptions I’ve got most of it back, binding the Mari’s and Supta K, up to Bhekasana again, so I know it’s possible. With luck the surgery will increase the range of motion in my shoulder so that the rest comes back when I start again. Louise told me to take my time, no rush and don’t worry, I’m going to miss being there.

At least the Philosophy group is back again and I’ll be able to still go to that while practice isn’t possible, we covered Sutras 1:30 to 1:40 in two hours, this could take a while!

Bring on the surgery and the 40% increase hopefully in range of motion! though I expect it to feel more like minus 40% for a while.

Steaming Buns

April 1, 2014

Covent Garden

With the fast approaching surgery and enforced yoga break I decided to get in a mid week trip to AYL, normally I would go on a Wednesday but I’ve been summoned for another pre op assessment in the morning. So Tuesday it had to be and surprisingly I didn’t even have to wait to start, maybe people are still getting used to the clocks going forward. I even got “my” spot in the window corner by the radiator.

Dodgy start as L next to me came up from her drop back as i was in my first downward dog, her flailing arm sending me off balance as it hit my leg, wasn’t expecting that, but no harm done and just one of the hazards of practising in a Shala with mats an inch apart.

It was crazy hot in there, rivers were pouring on to my mat from my head and arms, H opened the windows and I’m sure it actually got hotter, I saw steam rising off the hair bun of the girl in front of me, I prefer to see steam rising of my post yoga Pret buns.

TG for my chalk ball to give my hands a chance to keep it together in Pasasana, keep a hold of my feet in Bhekasana and stay put in Urdva Dhanurasana.

Just one more AYL practice to go before D-Day.

Lulu Towers

After breakfast I checked out the new Lululemon store after all the hype of a couple of weeks ago. Though who would pay £52 for a yoga t shirt and £60 for a pair of shorts is beyond me. The shorts looked flimsy, don’t think the pockets would survive being hauled up from dropbacks!