Steaming Buns

Covent Garden

With the fast approaching surgery and enforced yoga break I decided to get in a mid week trip to AYL, normally I would go on a Wednesday but I’ve been summoned for another pre op assessment in the morning. So Tuesday it had to be and surprisingly I didn’t even have to wait to start, maybe people are still getting used to the clocks going forward. I even got “my” spot in the window corner by the radiator.

Dodgy start as L next to me came up from her drop back as i was in my first downward dog, her flailing arm sending me off balance as it hit my leg, wasn’t expecting that, but no harm done and just one of the hazards of practising in a Shala with mats an inch apart.

It was crazy hot in there, rivers were pouring on to my mat from my head and arms, H opened the windows and I’m sure it actually got hotter, I saw steam rising off the hair bun of the girl in front of me, I prefer to see steam rising of my post yoga Pret buns.

TG for my chalk ball to give my hands a chance to keep it together in Pasasana, keep a hold of my feet in Bhekasana and stay put in Urdva Dhanurasana.

Just one more AYL practice to go before D-Day.

Lulu Towers

After breakfast I checked out the new Lululemon store after all the hype of a couple of weeks ago. Though who would pay £52 for a yoga t shirt and £60 for a pair of shorts is beyond me. The shorts looked flimsy, don’t think the pockets would survive being hauled up from dropbacks!


3 Responses to “Steaming Buns”

  1. Mike Evans Says:

    Oh I’m so glad you made that remark “Though who would pay £52 for a yoga t shirt and £60 for a pair of shorts is beyond me”. After your post on the lululemon publicity last week I took a look at the website and a full-on rant post started forming in my head. My reaction was the same as yours. On top of that I thought this is yoga, right? Where the most appropriate piece of clothing (for men at least) would probably be a langot or a dhoti – a simple piece of cloth. Talk about loosing the plot!

    • globie Says:

      The sales lady was pushing how the clothes worked while doing inversions and not lose shape or ride up, I was tempted to tell her ashtangi’s would care more if they told them it would help their backbends!

      • Mike Evans Says:

        Maybe I’ll try opening a shop next door to Lululemon selling authentic Sadhu brand yoga clothing: a bucket of very very expensive ash.

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