Unplanned double header

I had planned to go to the local Shala on Friday, but annoyingly I had been summoned for some more pre op hospital tests. Saturday was down for running the travel club, no time for yoga, or so I thought. Then “surprise”, Friday night a message from Michaela to say she was covering the Saturday Mysore at Shiny HQ. Too good an opportunity to miss, M is in the premier league of Paschimottanasana squashers! Michaela left us a couple of years ago in the capable hands of Phillipa at TLC, while she went off to finish writing her book, in the mean time of course TLC did the dirty and abolished the Saturday Mysore.

A lovely practice, different adjustments in Janu A and Mari A and more help with Bhekasana. Urdva Dhanurasana seems to have gone on holiday, my left arm has lost strength to push me up, especially when my back isn’t open. Great to practice with Michaela again.

Saturday’s bonus practice made my last AYL practice for a while a much better practice than it probably would have been. Not quite as warm in there, no steaming buns at least. I took it nice and slow, I wanted to enjoy this one knowing it’s going to be a while before I’m back in there. Lots of help, Louise trying to get my arm in the best possible position in Trikonasana, stretching it out in PPC. Emma looks out for certain postures, she’s always there for UHP, Tiriang Mukha and the first side of Mari D, it’s strange that they both find it easier to get my left arm round my knee in the seemingly more challenging Mari D than to line it up in Trikonasana.

Ironically the best Pasasana bind I’ve ever done, especially on the second side, how does that work? I just hope it will come back again after Thursdays operation. The heat helped the UD’s, just about managed my three, but the strength has gone west on the left arm. A few nice hang backs before Louise took me in to my last assisted dropbacks. I even managed a Sirsasana in the Finishing Room without the wall.

I’m going to miss being here and the croissants

So that’s AYL for a while, since I returned in June with a few exceptions I’ve got most of it back, binding the Mari’s and Supta K, up to Bhekasana again, so I know it’s possible. With luck the surgery will increase the range of motion in my shoulder so that the rest comes back when I start again. Louise told me to take my time, no rush and don’t worry, I’m going to miss being there.

At least the Philosophy group is back again and I’ll be able to still go to that while practice isn’t possible, we covered Sutras 1:30 to 1:40 in two hours, this could take a while!

Bring on the surgery and the 40% increase hopefully in range of motion! though I expect it to feel more like minus 40% for a while.


2 Responses to “Unplanned double header”

  1. Mike Evans Says:

    I know you’ll ignore me, but just echoing the other people saying things like take it easy, don’t beat yourself up by having to get it all back yet again.

    Good luck with the surgery tomorrow. May this be the start of something very special and wonderful for you.

    • globie Says:

      Thanks Mike, I’ll probably be in a sling again for a month or so, then I’ll start again when the physiotherapist lets me. Time to order so e box sets I think.

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