After 3 days in Hospital I’m finally home. I’ve had an Arthroscopic release to clear the scar tissue from my shoulder and a second procedure to remove the metalwork from my Humerus. I was going to ask for my metalwork, but Jenny the Anaesthetist was so efficient, she almost painlessly had the needle in my hand and me out for the count in a few seconds before I could remember to ask. Whatever she used must have been for knocking out Horses as it took them over an hour in Recovery to wake me up.

My clear shoulder, looks like a planet!

Instead of going home the same day, as was the plan, they kept me in to control the pain and a sudden leak of blood which resulted in a long night of pressure to stem the red tide that was making a mess of their sheets, just as well I hadn’t gone home as it would have been my sheets! I ended up still being an inmate for a third morning from a problem caused by the anaesthetic.

I’m home now, resting and rehydrating on a diet of pain killers and chocolate


9 Responses to “Released”

  1. Linda Says:

    Hopefully this does the trick with your shoulder. Get well soon!

  2. mariavlong Says:

    Wishing you a fast and easy going recovery Kevin.

  3. Mike Evans Says:

    Good luck with the recovery. No more leaking, and whatever the problem chocolate is almost always the answer. Oh and I was advised that general anaesthetic gets to your brain, so make no big decisions for at least two weeks.

    • globie Says:

      Cheers Mike. The leaking seems to have stopped and the other problem has resolved itself, but the pain killers bring on yet another one, waiting for the chocolate to sort that one. General anaesthetic just seems to leave me feeling wrecked

  4. revolutionaryhabit Says:

    Get well soon!

  5. V Says:

    Tons of water – you want to flush the remainders of the anesthetic out.

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