The anaesthetic brachial nerve block has nearly worn off and the bruising has come out spectacularly.
The nerve block made the first few days after the surgery much easier to deal with, though as well as working in the shoulder it also left my left arm completely like a dead weight, I had no sensation right to the tips of my fingers, I couldn’t feel the nurse sticking a pin in and couldn’t make my fingers do anything. Sensation has mostly returned, though the outside of the wrist and hand and the little finger and the next one still don’t have complete feeling or control.

Black,blue & yellow

The bruising is multi coloured, so five days later it’s actually become much more uncomfortable, just when I was hoping to cut down the pain killers for my stomachs sake. The arm is aching and not being able to practice is making me feel cold, no circulation.

I have 6 physio exercises I repeat x 3 times daily, raising the arm is much better, but lateral movement is hard, though until I see the Physio I’m not sure if it’s the surgery, the stitches or the very sticky dressings they used to stem the red tide that I’m up against. The exercises have become harder as the nerve block has worn off and the bruising has come out.


Ani in Mysore sent me a nice monk inspired get well card.

And some from the Yogaclicks folk

Gayatri mantra

Ashtanga chant that I was mentally thinking of as they put my lights out, Vande guru……zzzzzzzzzzzz


6 Responses to “Bruised”

  1. Mike Evans Says:

    Oh nice! Looks just like the red cabbage and apple in wine and cranberry sauce recipe I happen to be cooking at the moment! I hope the yellowy-green bits go away soon – it’s not your best look.

    • globie Says:

      Hope it goes down soon, off to find arnica in the morning

      • Mike Evans Says:

        There used to be a great cream called Lasonil, which I think was prescription only. It contains an enzyme which helps digest the bruising IIRC. I think there is a replacement (hirudoid cream) and I think it’s available off prescription now. Check with your pharmacist (I’m sure they’ll love to see your bruise 🙂 ) especially if you are on any blood thinning agents post op.

  2. globie Says:

    They cancelled the blood thinning jabs after my arm spewed red blood all over their nice white sheets 3 times during the first night!

  3. Joanna Says:

    all i can say after looking at your photo is BLIMEY. Get well soon, let your body heal in its own time no matter how frustrating that is. take care

    • globie Says:

      Thanks Jo, it’s taken a couple of days to come out, off to get arnica today. Hopefully once I’ve seen the physiotherapist next week I’ll be allowed to move a bit more.

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