Back on my mat – kind of

Having seen the physiotherapist on Tuesday and having my stitches out yesterday, it was time to try and see what was possible. The Physio was pretty pleased with my movement and told me it should be much better once the stitches and very sticky dressings were removed. I was expecting more improvement than transpired, but it’s only been 14 days since the surgery, so I suppose I have to be realistic. It certainly feels a lot better than this time last year when they fixed the fracture and I was stuck in my sling for 6 weeks.

Stitches out and the bruising has gone down

The Arnica cream seems to have started to get rid of the bruising, the wound itches like crazy, it turned out that I didn’t have stitches but just one stitch that was woven through the incision to join it up, the Nurse snipped the top and bottom knots and pulled and pulled, removing about 9 inches of thread.

So my mat was calling, my hamstrings were not happy as I did a semi Surya, on my knees Chaturanga, I tried to do up dog but my shoulder said “No”. The range of motion in the shoulder is quite good, better than expected, but the pain around the wound and whatever they did in removing the metalwork still has some recovering to do. So straight to standing, which apart from my legs having forgotten how to engage and tight hamstrings was doable, even including holding my toe in UHP, though I’m a way from binding the next one.

Seated up to Mari A, though no vinyasas, Navasana, why is that posture ALWAYS possible whatever I do to myself? Baddha Konasana and Savasana. Closing isn’t possible, I did try, but no way is my shoulder putting up with any of that just yet. But at least it doesn’t feel as far away as it did a year ago.


I’m aiming to be back at the Shala mid May, though I’ll call in this Sunday on my way to the monthly Philosophy Discussion Group, I miss that place and the people, so it will be a mental lift to walk through those doors so soon, yes I can hear you saying you are only going for the croissants! Well it would be rude not to.


3 Responses to “Back on my mat – kind of”

  1. helenlaldred Says:

    Great to hear

    • globie Says:

      Spoke to Louise this morning, hoping to be ready to return to the Shala on 18th May, once I can do a Surya and a semi vinyasa. She said I can just come and do standing if I want 🙂

  2. Tiffany Says:

    If you can’t do vinyasas yet, you should also check out Matthew Sweeney’s Moon Sequence so you can still stretch out your hamstrings, hips, etc. I’m sorry for posting so late in the game.

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