Little by little

Practice is coming out of it’s enforced hibernation, not every day as I seemed to have had one medical appointment after another. The physiotherapist wants me to concentrate on mobilising and stretching the arm/shoulder and not worry about getting the strength back. Lots of exercises I can do at home, her mobilisation, pressure and massage really help, but this being the NHS I now only get to see her every few weeks for 20mins, it really feels like it needs the physical therapy more often to keep the release. She also spotted a renegade nylony stitch poking out, so I had to return to the Nurse as the itching was driving me mad. Turned out to be an internal stitch that should have dissolved, but instead made a bid for freedom out of the front arthroscopy hole. It took some getting out, a very sore pull as another 8 centimetres emerged, followed by another cleansing and dressing.

At the Philosophy group Mel taught me a “no hands” Surya, after I told her I was practising but finding it hard to warm up. So now I can get a little warm before I do the standing postures, which are actually pretty good, Prasarita C is actually great for stretching out the front of my shoulder. Seated are coming back, though it’s still a vinyasaless interval. I’ve been finger touching Mari A and B for a few days, but today the fingers not only touched but bound A, B and C, even if it didn’t last long. D will be a while on the first side, but the second side is doable. I missed out the Bhuja – Supta K section, my first Baddha Konasana in a while, it won’t be long before my nose grounds, with help it would be there no problem.

Last year it took months to get anywhere near this stage again, I’m pleasantly surprised , but then again I was in a sling 24/7 for nearly two months, this time I’m in the sling as needs be, but I’m moving from the start and my practice wasn’t too bad before the surgery. I can even balance in Upavistha and the bum balances, my arm can just about reach my feet and hold on.

After the surprise in Mari C I wondered how much of Pasasana I had lost, wow finger touch on the first side and second side I can’t quite get the left arm far enough round, but it’s not miles away. The weird thing again like last year is that my hand can turn over and hold the foot in Bhekasana, it needs assistance from the right hand pushing the foot down though.

More of closing is possible, my left hand will go flat on the floor by my head, though I’m a while from having the strength to try and push up in to UD. The shoulder stand sequence is ok, though I think Sirsasana won’t be possible for a while. But three weeks after surgery it’s all much better than expected. It’s strength and stamina I’ve lost, it’s amazing how soon that disappears, but I’ve got it back twice before in the last 3 years, so I should be able to do it again.

My 18th May back to AYL plan is looking good. I spoke to L last week, she said I can come and just do standing if I want, but I want to be able to do a more meaningful practice to justify the train fare etc, though it was nice to walk back through the door so soon. The croissants were great!


3 Responses to “Little by little”

  1. revolutionaryhabit Says:

    Congratulations on the moves to recovery, I wish you all the best!

    I was wondering, if you have some time, could you please share the ‘no-hands’ surya? A good friend of mine has recently had a severe hand injury and I’m collecting as much as I can to share with her.

  2. Morning Yoga | Mike's Pad Says:

    […] my Thai Massage teacher.  Globie, back on the road to recovery after more surgery on his shoulder posted today on much the same theme.  I’ve had this post in draft for a week or so but today seemed right […]

  3. Yoga for a Hand Injury | Revolutionary Habit Says:

    […] too, though do require more balance and the feeling that you are stable and safe on your legs. Kevin at Globie mentioned he’d been taught a modified Surya Namaskar for an arm injury, for which he was kind enough to […]

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