Coming out of hibernation

This week I’m coming out of my enforced post surgery Shala hibernation. I was going to come out last week, but I got an infection from the non dissolving internal stitch and have been on antibiotics, which have upset my guts and made me nauseous.

Practice is at a point where it’s now worth taking my black mat and yogi toes out to play in Shala land again. I can do everything up to Mari C, D would be possible with help, which has come as a surprise considering how many months it took last year after the first operation. Supta K was an even bigger surprise, I gently lowered in to Kurmasana to see if my left arm could stand the pressure, that was fine so I crossed my feet, still ok, so I tried to join my fingers, but couldn’t quite, slightly inhibited by jogging bottoms and T-shirt, shorts and sweat and a bit of help on the first one should do it.

My hand and arm have no problem 4 weeks after the op taking the position for Urdva Dhanurasana , the problem is my shoulder lacks the strength and stability to push up. Backbend frustration led me to hanging back and walking my hands down the wall on to the bolster, I expected the arm to collapse on landing, but no, I could stay in a backbend with straight arms and rock quite comfortably to the point that I shocked myself by standing up without having to walk my hands back up the wall! That took 9 months last time. So things are looking good so far. Stamina is what is lacking, why does that disappear so fast.

So to test the water I’m heading for the local Shala on Friday, it has a well stocked toy cupboard and I should be able to hide in the corner with half the contents of the cupboard and just see what’s what. Not to mention Jo’s yoga birthday cake party after practice.

Sunday will be the big day as I walk through the door of AYL, heat glorious heat, the energy of my Shala mates and Louise keeping a lid on my enthusiasm or as Suzanne put it stopping me doing anything too nutty!

Can’t wait to walk back through that door.


6 Responses to “Coming out of hibernation”

  1. Mike Evans Says:

    Interesting your experience with those stitches. I had my appendix whipped out ten or more years ago. I asked about the stitches and they said confidently “oh, you don’t need to do anything, they will just dissolve.” Did they heck? Our local practice nurse took it out when I called in for a check a few weeks later and fortunately it came away in one piece and no subsequent infection.

    • globie Says:

      When the Nurse took the long one out as planned this internal one was nowhere to be seen, but a couple of days later it popped out. The itching drove me nuts, she thought they would only be able to prune it, but luckily when she gave it a good yank the whole thing came out. But the swab revealed it had become infected, it’s never bloody ending

  2. Joanna Says:

    amazing that your recovery is coming on so brilliantly and err some of us mere mortals need help in Mari D without any surgery. The lemon drizzle cake is baked and in a tin ready for tomorrow

    • globie Says:

      It’s the fun stuff I miss. Pity they didn’t insert a spring to make standing up from dropbacks a bit easier. See you tomorrow 🙂

  3. Caroline Scott Says:

    Enjoy local shala practice tomorrow – and have lots of fun with all the toys!!!

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