Mostly there with a few mods

I thought dipping my toes back in the Shala water on a Friday morning would mean a quiet room where I could just see what’s what. The usual 6-8 has grown to 16 of us and on a warm sunny day that helps get the temperature up, which I like.

My back on the left side is still tight and grumpy, the one sided physiotherapy has upset the equilibrium, the first few Surya’s are a painful trial. C knows the score with my recent surgery so mostly left me to plod through, it’s all much slower than I’m used to with a tight back and not there yet shoulder, having to think about each posture detracts from the flow. The first stumbling block is Parsvottanasana, reverse prayer is a pipe dream just now, so it’s just cross arms behind.

Seated have a a hybrid vinyasa between sides and poses, a kind of a step jump thing, but it keeps the momentum. All good and bound both sides through to Mari C, I have found a way to cheat at binding D, get my left arm around as far as it will go, sit down on a block, post the right arm round the back and make a grab for the left fingers, it works, but only if I grab on the first go, but I suppose doing any kind of bound Mari D after 5 weeks is a bonus.

The first adjustment test of my arm came in Supta K, Kurmasana is ok, I had crossed my feet and was trying to crawl my fingers together along a strap, but help arrived, C carefully moving my left arm further round, with her knees pushing everything together the fingers bound easily, woo hoo, now I know it’s possible without any pain I will try and go deeper on my own. Even getting in to Garbha Pindasana is possible, I just seem to have lost the ability to rotate, but hopefully that will return. Need to crack that one again in case I do go to Mysore later in the year. Rest of seated already look roughly like they should which is bloody amazing.

My bit of second is almost back, Pasasana I couldn’t quite bind, but it’s not far away, Krounchasana still kills my right hamstring, Bhekasana my left arm will still hold the foot in place but lacks the strength to keep a hold, let alone push down.

A cheat Urdva Dhanurasana, two of the toy cupboards brick shaped blocks against the wall, at least they let me get off the ground, but I can’t stay up, it’s like I don’t actually have control of the shoulder. The teacher noted in Paschimottanasana that my right shoulder is now much tighter than the left.

Sirsasana is the last stumbling block, though Cathy did manage to assist me to a point of balance, but it’s a bit too much just yet. No I didn’t even try Utlutihi before you ask!

So now at least I’ve done a full(ish) practice, with a couple of modifications, but it’s all a lot better much sooner than expected. I know it’s definitely worth going back home to AYL on Sunday, I think Louise is going to be very surprised at just how much I can do.

Another slight stitch hiccup, I’ve found another rogue internal non dissolving stitch making a bid for freedom, I thought it was just a bit if skin, but when I pulled it it turned into a couple of inches of nylon, so it’s back to the Nurse on Monday, I just hope it’s not infected again.


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