What a difference a year makes.

Last year it was early June, 7 weeks after surgery that I returned to AYL, practice was a faff of modifications and can’t do’s and it was the beginning of a long slog back to anything approaching the practice I had. By this March I was doing most of it again, before it was time for another operation.

Today I went back to AYL, just 6 weeks after surgery to remove the metal and clean out last years scar tissue. There was no comparison with last year. 4th Surya A I saw the red toe nails as Louise squashed me in downward dog, pushing the weight out of my arms into my legs, her full weight pressing my back. Standing is pretty much back, Trikonasana B Emma was able to move my left arm around at will, the arm is loose in its socket, it just feels like I don’t have control of it. Prasarita C wow to get that assist again! more and more pressure, that posture gives my shoulder the deep stretch only the physiotherapist can usually do, as I came up Louise asked if it was ok, hell yes!

The heat in there does make such a difference, I’d managed to bind Mari D on the first side on my own before help arrived to improve the bind and deepen the twist, I knew Supta K stood a good chance, assisted into fully bound one. Even Garbha properly knotted up and 360 spin, amazing. And I thought I was going to be starting another 9 month slog to get anything like my practice back.

Pasasana almost,it’s just a matter of time and not too many croissants before that gets bound again. The big surprise was Bhekasana, my last official pose. My left arm can take the position and hold the foot and with help from the right can keep it pushing down. I did the left, then the right foot, thinking that would do for today, but help had crept up from behind as I felt the right foot being pushed, so I flicked the left back up and made a grab for the foot, amazingly getting the left hand in the right place and pushed as I felt my shoulders being gently lifted up.

Bhekasana is the one good thing to come out of the fractured Humerus saga, Louise had given it me 3 months before the accident, my right arm and hand worked it out, but the left just couldn’t get it. Losing all the muscle and movement in the left arm meant it had to relearn everything and suddenly it had the ability to point the elbow upwards and press the foot down, the arm muscles learning to do it without its previous tensions. Second time around it can again take the position, but the muscle needs building up again to push the foot down. Every cloud and all that.

Urdva Dhanurasana is where things fall apart, unlike last year my hand can easily take it’s place by my ear, but the shoulder doesn’t have the strength or stability to get me off the ground, with my hands jammed against the skirting board I just about lifted. I figured I would try some hang backs as the 2S backbends had opened things up, some nice floor in view hanging. Then L appears as I come back up and we go in to three half ways with arms stretched back,then a final to the floor, she just let my hands graze the floor before pinging me back up, that’s soooo much fun 🙂 and something I didn’t expect to do on day one.

So a year later it’s all looking very different, still a way to go with strength and stamina, but at this rate with Shala heat and help everything looks much more promising.


6 Responses to “What a difference a year makes.”

  1. Joanna Says:

    whoop whoop and um sorry 25 backbends?

  2. Caroline Scott Says:

    Awesome news, you must be SO happy you aren’t having a repeat performance of last years recovery. Seems like this time you are all fixed up!

    • globie Says:

      Yes Caroline it’s a lot better this year, still a way to go but at least it feels possible, just need to take it slowly.

      I asked Lucy about her books not being on Kindle, she said publishers won’t do it, however book 3 is nearly ready and that will be on kindle as well as paper.

  3. Vernon Says:

    This makes for happy reading. Sounds like your perseverance is really paying off now, well deserved. Hope you enjoy practicing with Dena in July!

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