Mari D and Sirsasana coming.

Practice at home is still some hit and a lot of miss, I need the heat and help. the NHS physio said she’s done what she can, I can do the exercises, but I can’t do the mobilisation and pressure myself, it’s maddening that they stop the treatment just as I’m starting to get somewhere, but volume of new patients and 15 months of treatment, presume I’ve had my quota . Hopefully the last of the non dissolving escaping internal stitches were removed last week by the very Jolly Hockey Sticks Nurse. I knew it was a stitch, she said it was a piece of skin, then she points a spotlight and magnifier at it and agrees I was right, as she pulled out another 3 inches of thread!

A Monday instead of Sunday trip to AYL this week. Busier on a week day even if it is a holiday here, I had to start in the Finishing Room, but was only on my 3rd A when my “one more” call came, perfect timing as Emma started assisting, she knows what needs help with.

Soon saturated, a full Shala is a warm Shala, just as I like it. E giving me a super Prasarita C adjustment, really helps stretch out my shoulder before all the seated binds. A PPC assist is certainly cheaper than private physiotherapy!

Seated are pretty good after such a short time, a proper Mari D bind on my own today, the heat and the Mari A assist made it feel easy. A technical hitch as I got stuck in Bhuja, if the weight is only slightly in the wrong place my arm can’t help get me back up. I thought Supta K would be possible, but I never got a chance to experiment as Hamish came and knotted me up.

Garbha has been more miss than hit since I restarted, I can get my arms through, especially at AYL, sometimes I can start to rotate, sometimes I can’t rotate, but quite often I rotate but the circle is more like an elipse that goes outside the confines of my mat, at home that means crashing in to the bed, so when I got to Garbha and noticed Lauren next to me starting her dropbacks I was a bit worried she would either land on me or I would knock her off as I went round. I ended up going round to “6” as she dropped back, waited for her to rock and stand up, then managed to restart and get back round to “12”.

Fingers overlapping but not quite joining in Pasasana, able to hold both feet in Bhekasana, not for long but it’s a start. Urdva Dhanurasana is starting, I can get off the ground, but I can’t straighten the arm and push the weight forward. It’s better if I jam my hands against the wall, I can push up and start to move the chest towards the wall, it’s heading the right way.

I only managed one hang back before Hamish came over, three lovely assisted dropbacks, though at the moment I’m hardly doing any of the work on the way down, fingers graze the floor then back up, up feels good.

On Friday I managed to do Sirsasna at the local Shala, though it took two goes, the first one I couldn’t hold it, went over the top and just missed Jo’s head! AYL finishing room was full after I took the last spot by the window, when I got to Sirsasana someone had gone for the horizontal spot at the end of my mat, so I was worried about landing on them if it went wrong, luckily after a bit of a wobble I managed to stay up, Sirsasna is a long way from 25 breaths, more like 8 before my shoulder has had enough.

Uth Plutihi is up to about 5 seconds, but that’s 5 seconds longer than last week. Strength is still very lacking, decent stamina lasts until about Mari B, but that was only my 5th practice where I’ve done all the vinyasas, so 6 and a bit weeks post surgery progress is good.


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