Practice is progressing, Mondays AYL was followed by a compulsory interview with the DWP on Tuesday, what a waste of time that was, I’m free of them in 4 weeks time, but also then free of any income unless a miracle occurs and a job comes along.

A tortuous two hour replacement bus ride to practice this morning, arrived at the right time, as 15 minutes later it was full. Help in the usual places, a physio replacement PPC stretching out of the shoulder. A nice squash in Paschimottanasana and a total knotting in Supta K, that’s no problem at all now 🙂

Two hours to get here

I’m back to being able to jump back, though not forward, but replacing the stepping does give it more flow, but it is sapping my energy as well, resulting in Chaturanga splat after Bhuja.

Pasasana is now so frustratingly close, fingers overlapping but the left arm and hand just haven’t got the stretch or strength to join it all up. Sweat sodden hands and feet did for Bhekasana, just couldn’t hold on.

Urdva Dhanurasana I was spent, just couldn’t push up, my hands kept sliding despite my chalk ball, I managed some with my hands jammed against the skirting board, before E came along to do three nice assisted dropbacks, she did 80% of the work.

Closing is all back now, Sirsasana was the last brick in the wall, I can’t stay up long, but at least I can get up without endangering anyone nearby. A longer than intended Savasana, I needed a rest.

It felt like a tiring slog, especially after Bhuja, although I managed everything, it’s not pretty, it’s still clunky with movements to help my left arm get where it needs to go.
So I was surprised when Louise said afterwards how good it all looked again now and then said if I can’t find a job soon I should go and teach yoga. Think that’s more wishful thinking than Parampara.


3 Responses to “Parampara?”

  1. Mike Evans Says:

    Maybe not so much parampara. After all you have rebuilt your practice so many times that you have a deep understanding of what that takes.

    I really understand “Chaturanga splat” at the moment. I damaged my triceps tendon where it passes over the elbow. Bending the elbow whilst weight-bearing produced nasty clicks and “don’t go there” type pain. The trouble is that when you realise you can’t control the decent and going back up is going to be even more painful, splat becomes the only way out.

    • globie Says:

      Splat wasn’t so much pain, it was just nothing left in the tank, just had to try and make sure the chin landed second.

      I certainly couldn’t have rebuilt my practice without Louise’s assistance, though first time round there were still movements I couldn’t do, now second time round I think those same movements are going to be the stumbling blocks.

  2. Caroline Scott Says:

    Maybe you should teach, you have an amazing understanding of injury and recover, of modifying your practice, a dedicated home practice and many years of experience that I think would make you a great teacher!!!

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