Not all twists are meant to be.

Friday at the local Shala, little April subbing for C, some nice and different assists, PPA rotation outwards of the thighs and some nice dropbacks. The Shala somehow feels quieter and calmer when April teaches.

Flowers for charity at Granary Square

I managed to fit in an extra Shala practice with Michaela at shiny HQ on Saturday, standing is pretty much back, just a lack of strength to hold the second side of UHP. Seated everything bound, but the exits from Bhuja and Supta K via Bakasana are nowhere near, the shoulder is gradually recovering movement, but there is a long way to go with strength. The vinyasas run out of steam and it all starts to ache. A nice assist in Bhekasana and in UD, holding the assistants ankles to push up.

Closing was interesting, I’ve started to be able to get up in to Sirsasana and although it took two attempts I was up and balanced when M came over and said I may be up, but I was extremely twisted, as I was compensating for the left shoulder. I felt straight, she had me come down, but then I just couldn’t get back up again, so I got a private Sirsasana lesson, she said I’ve got the flexibility back but need to go up straight.

Sunny Sunday morning

A stupid o’clock replacement bus on Sunday to AYL, which had to take a diversion and made me late getting in the door, only by 10 minutes, but by then the Shala was full, so I started in the Finishing room, 2nd in line for “one more”. By the time my one more came at Prasarita PB there was even a queue of people waiting to start in the Finishing Room!

The volume of people made it an oven, so it actually ended up being a good practice despite having to move rooms. I like to stay put once I’ve started, though I notice (bad drishte!) that a lot of people will up and move if they perceive a better spot becoming free. I ended up in the corner by the window, which is pretty much where I like to be anyway.

A nice Paschimottanasana squashing, easy Marichyasana binds, getting in to them in that heat is much easier, but holding them with every orifice pouring sweat is another matter. They must be looking ok, Louise watched me do Mari D, but as soon as she saw me bind she departed. She was back for Supta K, I was just starting to wriggle in on my own when I felt my back being flattened, I just let her expertly knot me up, then lift my feet for the exit, I found I could do Titibhasana, but moving to Bakasana is too much. No water needed for Gharba.

My bit of second is pretty much back to where it was, another lovely assist from Louise in Bhekasana lifting my chest up. Time for closing, UD is beginning to happen, especially if it’s preceded by Suzanne’s Feldenkreis “Hand standing” exercise which helps ground the hand before I try and push up. My hand still ends up too far back. Dropbacks with Tom, he supports this so much, but doing the movement is nice, even if it’s not the satisfaction of doing it myself.

Unlike Saturday we exited the Shala to a warm sunny morning, the clouds reflected in the building.


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