No sleep, like being in Mysore

With the late night in to early morning World Cup matches, getting up to go to AYL felt like being in Mysore, being woken by the alarm after nowhere near enough sleep, dragging myself to the station, no sleep on the train, opening the Shala door and being hit by the heat.

The Shala was quieter this week, a combination probably of Father’s Day and the late night England V Italy World Cup match. Though I noticed the Italian yogis were up early, they probably hadn’t been to bed after their win!

More help in standing this week, Trikonasana and the PPC stretch, and UHP. Seated has got where it’s going for now until I can get the strength back, I can bind Mari D on my own now, Supta K was a free pass as I felt Louise squashing me in Kurmasana and knotting both ends. It’s the energy as well as the strength that is still the problem, doing Vinyasas again gives me more flow, but by Mari C I’m knackered.

I think the late night snacking is having a detrimental effect on Pasasana, the fingers touch, but it’s not quite as joined up as it was before the football started! Bhekasana was good again. Closing, umm, having run out of steam and the slippery state of my mat Urdva Dhanurasana was dire, I managed to get up after a couple with my hands jammed against the wall. I was pretty glad when Emma came over as I started to hang back, I just didn’t have the energy left to control the drop on my own, but being assisted does give me a deeper bend which should help in the long run. Sirsasana up again without endangering myself or those in the vicinity.

Fracture clinic today for my post op check up, the non dissolving stitches have settled down, the range of motion is much better, but the lack of strength is concerning them, I thought I would be discharged today, but nope they want me to return in a few months time. So almost two years later I will still be a patient.


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